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Founded and Written 2014

By M. Rev. Stephanie Leon Neal ~

Keys Copyrighted Red Wheel Weiser and Published by Turning Stone

Headed by Ser Michael Neal Sr. AP since October 2017until present.

Items to Secure

- A standard Rider, Waite, Smith Deck.

- Sharp pencils and pencil sharpeners or a mechanical pencil or a fine line black ink pen.

- Tracing paper can be purchased in any good art store.

- Tape to secure card on a flat surface and tracing paper over card.


You will be presented several approaches to the Tarot which encourages new perceptions of the Tarot. 

The Numerals approach helps one to see the connection of each card in a number set.  The second approach was taken from the Correllian Tradition’s World Walkers’ House of Cards.  It reveals how the Tarot aligns with the Soul Monads.  If you have never learned about Monads this is a fun way to learn about them and the Tarot.  The third approach is a new approach designed for individuals to read their own cards when solutions need to be found. 

You will have a Guide to support you through this thrilling ride.

This training will last approximately nine months with over 700 pages of materials delivered to the student.

 This course is for everyone, the beginner to the adept will enjoy this ride.


M. Rev. Stephanie Neal

Note: A Tarot practitioner since 1970, taught by my sweet mother in-law Margret Neal. I am of the opinion the Tarot is an enlightened counselor for the soul.


“Creative ideas, in my opinion, show their value in that, like keys, they help to “unlock” hitherto unintelligible connections of facts and thus enable man to penetrate deeper into the mystery of life.”  

-M. L. Von Franz                                                                                 Conclusion: Man and His Symbols, by C. G. Jung




Discovering your Soul family through the Tarot is a beautiful journey through the Soul.  There are two general groups in Tarot, broken down further there are five groups the Major Arcana, the Minor Arcana includes Pentacles, Wands, Cups and Swords.  Some individuals break the Tarot down into six groups dividing the Court cards from the Pips. 

The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards these cards represent the story of everything, this is your story. The Minor Arcana includes 4 suits holding 14 cards for each; Ace through the King totaling 56 cards. 

The Minor Arcana has several names for each suit:

-Pentacles, Coins and Diamonds Represents Town dwellers or the third estate.

-Wands, Staves, Rods, Batons and Clubs. Represents the rural area, farmers, laborers,

-Cups, Goblets, Chalices and Hearts. Represents the clergy which is the second estate.

-Swords and Spades are the second estates which represents the Nobles.

Within the Rider, Waite, Smith Deck there are 78 cards or 79 cards if one blank card is included.

If you are already an adept in cartomancy or a beginner, my hope is that a new precept remembered can be added to your Tarot reading. 

Think of the deck as an adventurous endless journey we are taking together.  When considering a card, consider how it will clarify and enrich our life and the lives around us.  Once fully applied each card becomes more meaningful and easier to interpret, not to mention, cards applied are cards remembered ~ so reading for others and our self; become more fluent and accurate.  The Tarot guides us through all planes and dimensions of existence, so by the time we finish walking with the Tarot, we begin remembering truths on every plane.  The Tarot is incredibly Shamanic in nature as well as Universal.  When I say walking with the Tarot I mean that the Tarot is an ancient book passed down through many generations with much wisdom expressed through artists’ renderings.  There are many golden precepts to discover.  One of its main stories is the journey of the Souls’ awakening.  And this is what will be discussed through adding the Monads and Stream Cycles to reveal enough of a clear picture so that you may enter the process of discovery.

How Most Tarot Decks are Divided

The Rider-Waite-Smith Deck as most decks consists of 78 cards and is divided into 2 main groups called the Major Arcana which consists of 22 cards and the Minor Arcana which holds 56 cards.  The word Arcana translates into the phrase “secrets or mysteries.”  Now the deck is further broken into 5 sets; the Major Arcana (Major Trumps) and 4 suites.  Within the Minor Arcana are: Wands, Pentacle, Cups and Swords.  Within each suite are 14 cards, Ace through King.  The minor Arcana are then further broken into 2 subsets, the 40 Pips, which are Ace through ten and 16 Court cards, which are the Page, Knight, Queen and King within each suit.  Other decks may assign different names to any and all cards within both the Major and Minor Arcanum.


Cartomancy:  The study of divination, utilizing cards in every form.

The Suits’ Hierarchy: Wands, Pentacles, Cups and Swords.

Reader:  An individual interpreting any type of divination is called a reader.

Querent: Individual asking the question is called a quarent.

Minor Arcana: The Minor Arcana includes groups consisting of the suites called Wands, Pentacles, Cups, Swords and all court courts which are The Queens, Kings, Knights and Pages; all representing everyday life.  Court cards describe important people, attitudes or important events. The Court cards’ element correspondences are Kings represent the element Fire, Queens represent Water, Knights represent Air and Pages represents the element Earth.  Major Arcana: .The Major Arcana contains all cards not part of the suite cards.  They are the original cards, the suite was added later.  The Major Arcana represent the bigger picture, sometimes called the Trumps Major, while telling humanity the theory of everything.

Rider-Waite-Smith Deck:  This deck was drawn by the illustrator Pamela Colman Smith from instructions by A. E. Waite and published by the Rider Company in 1909 and the popular,  Pictorial Key followed in 1911. 

I would suggest that a Rider-Waite-Smith deck be secured, because that is the deck utilized with these lessons.  A good idea is to use your favorite deck alongside the Rider-Waite-Smith Deck at the same time as a comparison.  Whenever the Rider-Waite-Smith Deck is used always keep in mind of the Tarot De Marseille Deck, because Waite and Smith based their deck on the Marseille Deck and they made many changes in the Major Arcana and added pictures to the Minor Arcana Pips which was the first time pictures were added to the suites’ pips.  Keys: Keys are symbols, with which repeat their selves throughout the deck or opens a storyline.  An Example of a key would be a crossing or feathers.

Crossings: A crossing is anything that makes a cross on the card’s rendering.  The meaning of a crossing is from spirit to matter and matter into spirit.  They are the space between the worlds.  Every time you identify a “crossing,” among other things, it says your manifestation is in your own hands, and act accordingly.  The place between the realms, reminds us that we have everything to manifest what is needed to become more evolved or less evolve.  To list a few crossings are:  In the Major Arcana are The Hanged Man (12) and The World (21).  In the Minor Arcana a few are the -Two of Swords, Four of Cups and Nine of Cups. 


Studying the Cards in Numeral Sets

Aces and Twos


1)) -1 Tarot / The Four Suites as Groups and Aces

24 minutes


2)) -2 Tarot / The Four Aces

28 minutes


3)) -3 Tarot / The Ones

25 minutes


4)) -4a Tarot / The Twos

29 minutes


5)) -4b Tarot / The Twos Continued

15 minutes

6)) -5a Tarot / The Threes

28 minutes


7)) -5b Tarot / The Threes Continued

18 minutes


9)) -6a Tarot / The Fours / Death

26 minutes


10)) -6b Tarot / The Fours of Tarot

28 minutes


11)) -6c  Tarot / The Fours / Cups, Sword Pentacles

28 minutes


Threes and Fours

12)) -7a Tarot / Fives Pentacles & Swords

26 minutes


13)) -7b Tarot / Fives Wands & Cups

25 minutes


14)) - 7c Tarot / The Fives  Hierophant & Temperance

27 minutes


15)) -8a. Tarot Path / Sixes / The Devil Card

29 minutes


16)) -8b Living with the Tarot / Six & The Lovers

24 minutes

17)) - 8c Living with the Tarot / Sixes cont. Cups & Pentacles 

26 minutes


18))-Tarot / 8d / Six of Swords & Six of Wands:

26 minutes


Fives and Sixes

(Plug info here)


Seven - Ten


19)) -Tarot / Sevens / The Tower 

30 minutes


20)) -Tarot Eights

5 minutes


21)) -Tarot Nines /

4  minutes


22)) Ten Cards

Tarot / Wheel of fortune

Tarot / The Sun

Tarot / Ten of Pentacles

Tarot / Ten of Swords

Tarot / Ten of Wands

Tarot / Ten of Cups


“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light of meaning in the darkness of mere being.”

C. G. Jung


Study Approaches


There are several approaches in practicing the Tarot, the general overview, studying each card independently from each other and how they relate to each other within a spread.  Studying the cards in groups, one example is, all cards that have the same numerical vibration are one set. Deciding what each card intuitively means to you or study what past authors have written about each card or what present authors say about each card or like most of us a combination of intuition, book interpretations, world view, and ultimately moving into years of experience in reading the Tarot.  Another example is studying all cards that have the same theme or predominate symbol displayed.  If this happens, this means there is a story line to interpret otherwise known as a key.  There is a multitude of stories within the book of Tarot and a multitude of life applications as well.  Then there are figure positions, have you ever noticed how many cards mimic other cards?  Face expressions and extremity positions.  What are the children doing?  What are the animals doing?  Ask, “What is the predominate nature element within each card?”  Most cards make it extremely clear what elemental vibration is stepping forward.  Just because a figure is the largest in the rendering does not mean it is important to the specific question asked or even relative, this is where intuition enters the picture.

Cards’ General Meanings

Let us first familiarize ourselves with the cards’ general meaning.  Then we will move unto explaining how the Keys will be interpreted. Originally called the “The Rider Deck,”  The Tarot cards represent the answer to everything.  The deck is divided into two main categories, the fifty six Minor Arcana which are all four suits and the twenty two Major Arcanum, which is the group numbered zero through twenty-one which means, “above all.”  “The serious investigator seeks to employ the cards as a means of placing the past into more meaningful perspective, understanding the present, and revealing the alternatives which exist in the future.”

The Rider Tarot Deck, designed by Pamela Coleman Smith under the direction of Arthur Edward Waite page 11.  ISN 0-913866-13-X

Here is a visual for the general meanings as well, so you have a choice to either read the following text or read it on Youtube.


The Minor Arcana conveys the practical everyday issues of life. In medieval times the general population was divided into four categories, the industrial and businessmen were represented by pentacles or sometimes called coins.  Politicians, scholars, statesmen and clergy were represented by cups.  Blue collar workers were represented by clubs.  Military service rank and nobility are represented by swords.


The West










Middle Age



- Consciousness

- Intuitiveness

- Spirituality

- Personal relations

- Emotion in its purest form.

- Communicate with openness

- Follow your heart

- Regeneration.

- Expression through all the senses.

- Over flowing of abundance, emotion, and inner peace.


- Love

- Equal Partnership

- Health Matters

- Equality

- Marriage

- Change

- Good Health or in the process of healing.

- Living life on a public stage for all to see.

- The red winged lion protects this union.

-Strong communications

- Inspirational love


- Abundance

- Team work

- Harvest

- Autumn

- Living life to the fullest.

- Everyone comes with a different gift.

- When was the last time you raised a glass in joy?

- Celebrating everyone’s accomplishments.

- Three young women complete a project that benefits more than them self.   They are community leaders.

- Mercury in Cancer

- Emotional riches


- Luxury

- The answer is in front of you.

- Pondering

- Taking a time out.

- Isolation

- Unhappy

- Not recognizing what blessings one has in their life.

- Doubt

- Dealing with naysayers.

- Nothing is enough for this human.

- Not aware of his situation right in front of him.


- Disappointment

- Retry again

- You have two people that have your back.

- Identify the poison in your life.

- Being manipulated emotionally.

- Senseless loss.

- Lingering gloom.

- Return home.

- Take what is yours and leave this treachery.

- It is time to cross the river.

- It is time to complete your bridge.

- Do not throw the good out with the poison.

- Remember what you have and know.


- Pleasure

- Generosity

- New friend

- Gift from an admirer

- New surroundings

- New opportunities

- Possible inheritance

- Living in the past

- Return to an old job

- A past life bond is recognized

- Innocence

- Connecting with others brings strength

- Happy times

- Gift giving

- Do you know how to receive?


- Select as many goals as you like.

- Overwhelmed

- Lots of options

- Illusory success

- Castles in the sky thinking

- Brain storming

- Fear of failure

- Too good to be true.

- Identify the poison in your life.

- Are you interested in channeling?

- It is time to come out of the shadows you cast.

Eight of CUPS

- Indolence

- Leaving to study further.

- Taking a break.

- Turning away because something was missing.

- River runs dry

- Something new

- Leaving a dream

- Walk away from the drama.

- Giving up.

- Discovering something was not a healthy influence.

- Starting fresh.

- Heeding the call.

- Bravery

- Coming to the end of the line.

- Wait one month


- Happiness

- Satisfied

- Open for new ideas.

- Loyalty

- Abundance

- The physical side is his only focus he now knows it is time to take his spiritual journey.

- Liberty

- A good future is assured.

- Desires will be fulfilled.

- Advantage

- Physical



-Good partner

-Lessons learned through family dynamics.

-A Full heart.


-True love.





-A feeling of arrival.

-Deep connection.

-Working together creates a powerful force.


- Optimism

- Trusting heart

- Interesting imagination

- Playful

- Identifying something out of place.

- Accommodating, if the plan does not affect his artistic sensibilities.

- Can mean a birth of a child.

- Good news.

- Invitation.

- Artistic abilities.

- Compassion and understanding

- Lives on a stage.

- Feeling like a fish out of water.


- Diplomat

- Artist

- Considerate

- Collaboration

- Broadening one's horizons through a friend.

- Loyalty

- New philosophy

- Time to embrace the unseen energies found under the water's surface of life.

- Reciprocated love.

- Imagination and promising proposal or collaboration.

- He is dressed in fish and feathers.


- Compassionate

- Fair play

- Loyal

- Generous

- Encourages others.

- Honesty

- A Sea Priestess Card

- Knows how to utilize emotion for manifestation.

- The chalice she holds almost looks like a winged machine as she deeply studies it with a frown on her face, as if she is not pleased what she sees.

- Fully devoted to the sea's mysteries.


- Floating on a choppy sea he rides the waves with deliberate purpose.

- A sea priest card, fully invested in the sea's lessons.

- His medallion is a fish depicting his influence will travel across the seas like the fish.

- Creative intelligence.

- A man of business, law, or divinity.

- A fair man.

- He does not need a castle to be a great influence.

- The sea is his throne.

- Creative Intelligence

- Responsible Individual

- Divinity


Also commonly called Disks or Coins

The North









Material concerns


Old Age



- The beginning of Manifestation

- Internal and external physical awareness.

- Richness found through many natural avenues.

- Organized

- Material positions come easy.

- Trust your natural instincts.

- Help is on the way.

- Perfect contentment

- Triumph over hardship.

- Internal success

- This is a manifestation card


- Balance

- Too busy to see the storm behind him.

- Balanced Change

- Moving forever

- Balancing the bills.

- Dancing through harsh times.

- Infinity sign reminds us the storm is but a moment compared to eternity.

- Too many irons in the fire.

- Focusing on the songs of the sea.

- Risky venture

- Timing

- Juggling resources.

- Uncanny instinct


- Team work

- Skill

- Marketable idea

- Crafts / Art

- Quality work

- Rechecking the task or plan.

- Follow-up

- Communicating what you need.

- Pleasant work environment.

- Is everyone on the same page?

- Have you drawn or evaluated the blue-prints for your new structure?

- Instructions

- Follow the map

- Aware of Details

- The jester is holding the plans for the temple, is that a good idea?


- Power

- Holding onto material items.

- Holding on to your inheritance.

- Holding on to your physical things too tightly, it is time to consider letting a few of your things go to make room for new opportunities

- Withholding something

- May be a little stingy, with his time.

- Control

- Lives on a stage

- Sun in Capricorn

- Know your limits



- Help is at hand.

- Ask for help

- Health issues

- Being aware that our help is near.

- Crutches; do you rely on something or someone as a crutch?

- Unprepared

- Bell on neck depicts outcasts.

- Helpless, yet still has the courage and strength to move forward.

- Wounded

- Mercury in Taurus


- Success

- Giving

- Balance

- Being aware of other's needs.

- Learning how to receive from the physical realm.

- Sharing your overflow.

- Charity

- Requesting help

- Investing in others is investing in the future.

- Rescuer

- Fairness

- Seeing the need of others.

- Generosity


- Self reflection

T is time to walk outside the city limits to see how people live there so you may broaden your world view.  The same is true for country dwellers, to journey into the city to also broaden your world views.

- A diligent worker.

- Save your money

- Wishing money grew on trees.

- Take a break.

- Grapevines represent opportunity is found through networking.

- Though the fruit is not yet on the vines he considers what sound profits he will gain when his harvest comes in.  Yet for now, it is not harvest time.

- Saturn in Taurus


- Prudence

- Diligence

- Responsible

- Focused

- Self motivated

- Pays attention to detail.

- Sees issues from many perspectives

- Using the right tools for the right task.

- Hammering out the details

- Perfectionism

- Independent projects

- Gain through hard work

- Sun in Virgo


- Gain

- Wine of life teaches.

- Self Reliance.

- Celebrating the lushness of nature.

- The falcon denotes exploration.

- Grape vines depict your work will last for generations.

- Leadership

- Wealth

- Training

- Recognition

- Showcase your abilities.

- Independence


- Entering the gate

- Wealth

- Ask for help from an Elder

- Giving unconditional love like the white Dogs enjoying their human family.

- Remember the Fool's white dog?  They are trusted companions.

- Family

- Inheritance

- Legacy

- Archives

- Gain

- Mercury in Virgo


- Great business abilities.

- Focused

- Enthusiastic Person

- Reliable

- Proposal

- Hard worker

- Disciplined

- Solid progress.

- Financial consultant.

- An honest, responsible individual.

- Incredible stamina.

- Dependable

- Utility

- Perseverance

- Keep your eye on the prize.


- Strong earth elements

- Driven

- Self Reliant

- Foundations

- Focuses on the greater good.

- Enduring

- All knights are fire

- Practical

- Slow and steady progress

- Sturdy

- Your partner is faithful

- Receiving money from several sources.


- Independent

- Self-made woman

- Generous

- Produces much.

- Wealth of knowledge

- She works effectively

- All the Queens are water.

- Earth Mother

- Fertility

- Abundance

- The CEO

- Mature woman

- Hard Working


- Provider

- Good with money

- Practical

- Confident

- Knows his worth

- Stability

- Hard working

- Maverick

- This man will sweep you off your feet.

- Or a take charge woman.

- Good health

- You are already organized or you need to become a little more organized because you can.









Important Individuals

Possible Conflict






- Mental Clarity

- Visionary

- Strength

- Originality

- Creative Thinker

- Innovative Thinker

- Dreams actualized

- Taking a stand.

- Thoughts become crystal clear.

- This is your time.

- Receptive mind

- Philosophy

- This is time for triumph and new beginnings.


- Peace

- Initiated

- Reflection

- Objective thinking

- Equilibrium between two opposing forces.

- Weighing decisions before acting.

- Truth revealed

- Reasoned judgement.

- Moment of decision.

- Delay

- Can't see all the facts

- Not ready for a relationship.

- Stubbornness


- Sorrow

- Stormy Relationships

- Three important individuals have attacked in some way.

- Heart break

- Death

- Disappointment

- Major surgery

- Depression

- Betrayal

- Inner or outer conflict

- Others sabotaging you.

- Bad news

- Slander

- Despair


- Truce

- Rest

- Silence

- Waiting

- Recovery

- Overworked

- Isolation

- Vigil

- Thoughts that cause one to become frozen.

- Time for new dreams and philosophy.

- Need a break from the mind.

- Meditation

- Balance

- Reflections

- This card is showing a coffin representing the death of something or idea.


- Defeat or Victory at a cost

- Arrogant, he thinks he gained influence, he did not.

- Harsh Competition

- In fighting.

- Crushing the ego

- Assert dominance

- Enemies acting like friends.

- Empty victory

- Hard headed

- Others coming against you.

- Fear of defeat


- Science

- Escape

- Relief

- Possible journey

- Smooth waters

- Sorrow is diminishing.

- Harmony will return.

- Safe travels

- Time to leave an unhealthy situation or activity.

- Send another qualified person in your stead.

- Be aware of your surroundings, because you may be traveling with swords piercing your vessel, your plans or your property.


- Futility

- Trickery

- Thievery

- Quietly walk away

- Someone is removing important people in your life through manipulation.

- Discernment

- Hold your cards close to your vest.

- Keeping a secret.

- Deceit

- Running away

- Be careful what you put into writing.

- Taking a risk

- Thoughts of helplessness


- Interference

- Trapped

- Frozen by our doubtful thoughts.

- Cannot see the full picture.

- Over intellectualizes this issue.

- Is someone trying to control you?

- Is someone or something trying to hide something from you?

- Defeat

- Self Restricted

- Refusing to see options

- Refusing to believe you have value


- Self Cruelty

- Sleepless nights

- Lost passion

- Feel like you have been stabbed in the back.

- Overcome with sadness

- Roses promise new life.

- Suspicion

- Nightmares

- Regrets

- Insecurity

- Depression

- Delays

- Pining

- Obsession

10 of SWORDS

- Ruin

- Frozen by your own thoughts.

- Stabbed in the back.

- Self abusive thoughts.

- Overwhelmed

- Are you stuck in a situation where no one supports your ideas and projects?

- Beating a dead horse

- Depression

- This situation is finished, move forward.

- Taking a trip over water

- The incessant excuse maker. 


-Need feed back

- Intelligent

- Perceptive

- High energy

- Articulate

- New ideas

- Pages represent Earth

- Communications

- Indicates not being able to use creativity.

- Commitment

- A young man coming into your life.

- Quick thinker

- Reread the contract.

- Do not be afraid to ask questions


-Are you rushing toward something?

-Are you running away from something?

-Apparent anger is found here.

-Victory is not assured at this moment.

-High action and energy

-No emotion

-Fighting for a cause

-Saving the day

-Social activities

-Beating a deadline

-Something is going to suddenly happen.

- Consider timing when considering a plan of action.

- Take time to have fun


- Trailblazer

- Gains through courage

- No-nonsense woman

- Intelligence

- Independent at her core.

- Determined

- Pioneering qualities.

- Empowers others.

- A heavy handed task master, can be cruel if not evolved.

- This woman’s words can be sharp and can cut to the bone.


- In the wilderness

- Fairness

- Going to receive positive information.

- Ruling in your favor

- No empathy towards others if not evolved

- Intellectual

- An authority figure

- Wise

- Few friends

- Analytical

- Articulate

- Promoting your ideas.



Also commonly called Clubs














- Reexamining your core beliefs

- Practical Ideas

- Pure awareness

- Intuition is finally trusted.

- Trust yourself

- Trust worthy

- Authenticity

- Community

- Raw high energy

- Birthing a new project

- Beginnings

- Business

- Starting a family

- Inventing something

2 of WANDS

- Dominion

- Clear Vision

- Resourcefulness

- Vitality

- Enterprise

- Work and planning bears fruit.

- Determined

- Restored to wholeness.

- Mindfulness

- Boldness

- Ask yourself, “What is your desire, what is your motivation regarding this plan?”

- Mutual benefits

- Commitment

- No second guessing

3 of WANDS

- Virtue

- Broadening horizons

- Making an educated decision

- Optimism

- Distributing resources.

- Speculation.

- Launching a new idea.

- Exploration

- Expansion

- Educated decisions.

- Taking the initiative.

- Distributing resources.

- Initiative

- Negotiations

4 of WANDS

- Completion

- Virtue

- Vigilance rewarded.

- Solid foundation

- Strong alliances

- Peace

- Contentment

- Gratitude

- Well-being

- Good Friend supports your work.

- Celebration

- Celebrate your relationship

- Receiving a raise

5 of WANDS

- Playful competition

- Possible strife

- Fighting over control

- Overcome an obstacle

- Legal conflict to be addressed

- If traveling there may be delays

- Defensive

- Creative disputes

- Everyone thinks they are right.

- No one wants to give up their positions.

- Fighting with self

- Passion

- Lack of structure

6 of WANDS

- Victory

- Enterprise

- Mental leadership qualities

- Good news

- Victory has already been achieved.

- Art advancement

- Science advancement

- Celebrating achievements

- Be proud of yourself.

- Helpful friends are on their way.

- Jupiter in Leo

7 of WANDS

- Taking a stand

- Guarding your dreams from predators.

- Though the odds are against you, your conviction wins the day.

- Determination

- After the battle victory gives you a good life.

- Courage

- Creative thinker

- On the edge of a cliff, the same cliff in the Fool's card.

- Being aware of your expertise of overcoming strife.

- Not compromising your values

- This card allows you to move in a new direction.

8 of WANDS

- Swiftness

- From out of nowhere help arrives.

- Very busy person.

- Keep up with everyone.

- A relationship is moving quickly.

- Travel

- Positive words create positive growth

- New job

- More projects are coming your way.

- Work

- Action

9 of WANDS

- Strength

- Battered but victorious

- Defending yourself

- Protect yourself

- Stronger & wiser

- Clarity and objectivity

- Bring light onto a situation.

- Wake up

- The final fight before the last issue is solved.

- Last piece of information

- Challenges push us forward.

- Though hurt, still standing.

- You will prevail.

10 of WANDS

- Oppression

- Can handle the burden

- Hard worker.

- Dependable

- He is strong and has big shoulders to handle burdens.

- Over burdened

- Back pain

- Let go

- Aggressive energies

- Resistance to creativity

- Doing other peoples’ work.

- Complete your work

- Not spending enough time with your partner.


- Enthusiasm

- Acclaim

- Encouragement

- Messenger bringing good news.

- A love letter is coming

- What you have been waiting for is arriving.

- New beginning

- A social card

- Following your passions

- A person with young energy.

- The first spark of an idea.


- High energy

- Motivated

- Artistic

- Playful

- Loyal

- The winds of positive change

- Now is the time for travel or moving

- Learn from the person that is most unlike you.

- Do not judge a book by its cover.

- Challenge yourself to approach issues differently just to see how many things can be learned.


- Warm hearted

- Intelligent

- Self-made

- High ideals

- Teaches those around her.

- Encourages and stimulates those around her.

- Empathetic

- Will leave her mark on society.

- Creative

- Independent

- Good Manager


- Playful

- Intellectual

- Keep mood light

- Be the change

- Older male

- Strong communicator

- Generous

- Kindness

- Be concise

- Organized

- Positive

- Open Minded

- A Mentor giving you a hand up.

- Long term relationship


Commonly called Trumps

The Major Arcanum represents approaches to triumph utilizing your gifts and resources.

The Major Arcanum tells the story of the universe as well as holds all your stories.

Consider each card as a different lens to see life through. 

The major Arcana is a book of everything inside spirituality.

- 0 - FOOL

Also known as Great Spirit, Seeker and Gennie

- Innocence

- Human

- Traveler through the story.

- Dreamer

- Seed

- Beginnings

- Journeys

- Joy

- Carefree

- Folly

- Transcendence

- Ready to Embrace Life


Also known as Wizard, Shaman, Sorcerer and Mercury

- Resourcefulness

- Flexibility

- Charm

- The Adept

- The first spark of an idea.

- Cleverness

- Fully equipped with all his tools.

- All tools from the Tarot deck are yours.

- The infinity sign floats over his head.

- You have no beginning or no end.

- As above so below.


Also known as Isis, Delphi Oracle and Goddess

- Intuition

- Observation

- Wisdom

- Future

- Magic

- Personal understanding of the Tarot.

- Adaptability

- Silence

- Introspection

- Reflection

- Idea fully developed

- Clarity

- Moving past the veil


Also known as Venus, Earth Mother and Moon

- Earth Mother

- Birth

- Nurture

- New Ventures

- Idea now moves into the creative process.

- Labor pains

- Fertility

- Sensuality

- One who instills confidence in others.

- She is a beneficial influence.

- Beauty

- Effort

- Represent Star energy


Also known as Sun, Arthur and the Grail, and Leaders

ARIES - March 21- April 19

- Hercules

- Borealis

- Fatherhood

- Rules

- Foundation

- Leadership

- Prepares through just the intellect.

- Responsibility

- Going by the book.

- Facilitator

- Pioneer


Also known as Buddha, Zeus, Kronos and Pope

TAURUS - April 20 - May 20

- High Priest

- Religion

- Advice

- Sacred manifestation

- Knowledge

- Spiritual search

- Teaching

- Tradition

- Mediator

- Inner Guide

- Inspiration

- Councilor


Also known as Yin/Yang, Sun/Moon and Anima and Animus

GEMINI - May 21- June 20

- Woman = the subconscious mind

- Male = the conscious mind

- Being = the super-consciousness

- Harmony

- Sacred marriage

- Relationships

- Love

- Change

- A catalyst

- Opposition

- Duality

- You are a Genie, release your potential


Also known as Explorer, Charioteer, Helios and Transportation

CANCER - June 21- July 22

- Victory

- Ambition

- Progression

- Non-Movement

- Desire

- Control

- Courage

- Finding your stride.

- Rescue

- Stuck

- Illusion


Also known as Basht, Sekhet and Fortuna

LEO - July 23 - August 22

- Courage

- Strength of will

- Kindness

- Conviction

- Empathy

- Healing

- Inner Strength

- Understanding

- Integration

- Here is the Infinity sign again over her head the Magician card has the same sign # 1.

- That power sometimes can be exhibited through gentleness


Also known as the Pilgrim, Sage and Philosopher

VIRGO - August 23 - September 22

- Illumination

- Introspection

- Seeker

- Herdsman

- Harvester

- Solitude

- Showing others the light.

- Guidance

- Helping

- Prudence

- Teaching

- Star in the lantern


Also known as Chakras, Medicine Wheel and Compass.

- Destiny

- Chance

- Movement

- Freewill

- Choice  or Moral compass

- Possible Gambling

- Cycles of life expressed through the four seasons

- Change

- Good Fortune

- You can see Tarot and element signs written on this card.

- The 4 fixed signs of the zodiac also found in the World card #21.

- Break Through

- Evolution

- 11 - JUSTICE

Also known as Maat, Titaness and Themis.

LIBRA - September 23 - October 22

- Law and Justice

- Equality

- Decisiveness

- Decision making

- Non-discrimination

- Adjustment

- Objectivity

- Fairness

- Cause and effect

- Paying or receiving a settlement.

- Ensure your words are measured

- Ensuring truth will prevail


Also known as Odin, Thoth, Neptune and Poseidon.

- Spiritual break through

- Initiation

- Enlightenment

- Revaluation

- Is your live upside-down?

- Surrender

- Mystical experience

- Sacrifice

- Meditation

- New Perspective

- This is a time to be still.

- Duty

- 13 - DEATH

Also known as Phoenix, Lotus, Butterfly, the Reaper, the Releaser and Expander.

SCORPIO - October 23 - November 21

- Release


- Change

- Metamorphosis

- Rebirth

- Death of a project or dream

- Endings

- New beginnings

- Turning over a new leaf

- Being prepared

- A child shall console you.


Also known as Philosopher’s Stone, Artemis, Symbolist and Sphinx

SAGITTARIUS November 22- December 21

- Integration

- Combination

- Moderation

- Alchemy

- Mixed polarities

- Testing

- Temperance

- Adapting

- Flexible

- Art

- One foot in both worlds; also found in the Star card #17.

- 15 - THE DEVIL / PAN

Also known as Vista, Satyr, Bacchus, Dionysus and Pan.

CAPRICORN  December 22 – January 20

- Temptation

- Endurance

- Restricted

- Take your shackles off.

- Dealing with your shadows.

- Feeling controlled

- Self-made bondage

- Unhealthy dependence

- Only focused on physicality

- Scapegoating

- Pessimism

- Materialism

- 16 - TOWER

Also known as Citadel, the Coit Tower and Furnaces.

- De-reconstruction

- Purification

- Time to do things differently to cause different outcomes.

- Opportunity to rebuild

- Crumbling falsehoods

- Destruction of ego

- Turmoil

- Sudden realization

- Release of inner fears

- Regaining control.

- Your situation is not as bad as it appears.

- Time to move.

- Sudden trouble

- 17 - THE STAR

Also known as Recognition, Orion, Pleiades, and Siris

AQUARIUS - January 20 - February 18

- Renewal

- Healing

- New opportunities

- Higher awareness

- Open minded

- Optimism

- Release

- Letting go of past hurts.

- Recuperation

- Recognition this cards reminds you that your self-esteem from this day forward will never depend on another individual.

- Hope Returns

- 18 - THE MOON

Also known as Anubis, Luna, Soma and Hathor.

PISCES - February 19 - March 20

- Illusion

- Choice

- Passage

- It will be a long road

- Secrets

- Intuition

- Half the story is being told

- Confusion

- Instinct

- Start moving on your path.

- There is a clear road to your destination

- 19 - THE SUN

Also known as Eye of Ra, Siva, Osiris and Sunflower

- Realization

- Enlightenment

- Thriving

- Health

- Inner child

- Growth

- Rejuvenation

- Vitality

- Joy

- Learning through play.

- Success

- The most spiritual concept is having fun.

- Collaboration

- Your walls are now behind you.


Also known as Aeon, Pluto, Goddess Nuit and Prometheus.

- Rebirth

- Evolution

- Transcendence

- Freedom from limitations

- Spiritual calling

- Detaching from materialism

- Not entombed any more.

- Returning to the stars.

- Self-Actualization

- Good judgement through observation

- It is you who judges your life.

- Waking to the realization there is no death just transmutation.

- The blowing horn informs those with an open ear to hear no one is left behind or left alone as we develop our souls together.

- 21 - THE WORLD

This card is also known as the Universe, Global Consciousness, Other Planets, Nirvana and Cosmic Egg.

- Fool and World

- Creation

- Cosmic dance

- New beginnings

- Cycles

- Completion

- Success

- Understanding

- Unity

- Integration

- Victory

- Deliberate incarnate

The 4 corner figures are the 4 fixed signs of the zodiac.





4 Crossings=Eternity



Self-Actualization brings liberation.

And know you know everything in the cosmos watched over you and supported your journey.


“Leonardo di Vinci wrote in Notebooks: “It should not be hard for you to stop sometimes and look into the stains of walls, or ashes of a fire, or clouds, or mud or like places in which you may find really marvelous ideas.”

- C. G. Jung, Man and His Symbols

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First Monad and Stream Cycle

Another approach of remembering is to study the nine Monads through the Tarot.  Yet another approach is journeying our Stream Cycle through the Tarot.  This is our first approach presented.   As we begin our journey, we are diving into the deep end first, because it is just more exhilarating.  Both Monads and Stream Cycles will be presented together.  Our focus is on the main story lines within the Tarot.

The deck is a shifting allegorical book of stories that helps us see every part of us and every Soul Monadal behavior; and by reading this changeable book brings much enjoyment and insight to any issue, any personality, and any world view.  Regarding the reader, every card answers every question.  Regarding the querent, the answer is in every clear question.

What are Monads?

When the Goddess separated Herself from Herself She released all Souls into nine Monads releasing them one at a time.  Sending these Soul families into the physical world so that She would be able to re-unite with the part of Herself called the God.  Thus during creation She knew She must first fall so that She may rise and unify again.  Chancellor Don Lewis describes the Monad as, “A Monad is to the Soul what the Soul is to each individual life.  Many lives are manifestations of a single Soul, just as many Souls are manifestations of a single Monad.”   “Evolving mindset of Creator,” Chancellor Don Lewis refers to the nine Soul Monads as such and also refers to them as “Successive waves of creation.”  Another possible way of explaining a Monad is that Monads represent the process of creation of everyone and everything, all of existence and then the cycle begins again. 

Monads are the steps that existence went through, in the manifestation process.  It is important that all our spiritual workings bring us to a space that we can identify and feel a part of our family Monad and consciously work within our Monad.  Another good reason to work with Monads through the Tarot will help bring Karmic Disentanglement.  Other metaphysical groups call the Monads by other names, the “Oversoul,” and “Group Soul,” is a couple of examples. 

Each Monad is a microcosm of Goddess at a particular point, representing both the creation process and Souls emanate.  Chancellor Don Lewis describes the Goddess taking a picture of Herself at a specific time within creation, creating a Soul.  Because we are inside our Monad we are completely inside the Goddess, we are part of Her, our reachable higher self. 

The Tarot Soul Monad Approach

The Tarot is divided into nine sets called Soul Monads within each Monad are millions of personalities, all at different stages of consciousness.  Within each Soul for this purpose, there are seven streams of consciousness that we all experience at one time or other.  We may experience them all in one life time or within hundreds of lifetimes or within a single second.  The main purpose of Monads is to help develop or move us forward or backward; whichever stream cycle we may be residing now.  The main purpose of our stream cycles is to help develop this planet while building bridges to other systems and worlds. 

Every Soul consists of all stream cycles all Monads have every type of personality awareness from new souls to the most advanced and evolved.  Every stream is important and every human, animal, plant and stone are important.  If it was not so we would not be here within this eternal moment.  So be curious of all because all is our teacher or guide to help us move to the next stream or just rest in the one we find ourselves.  It is ultimately our choice.

Yet remember I am describing two huge systems with many un-knowables and it is humans that placed names on the Monads and installed personalities to each to make the subject of the Soul more reachable to every human that desires to learn more about this particular subject.  Monads are beyond names.  Let us first introduce you to the Soul Monads then we will connect the Monads and Tarot together.   It is you that lifts the veil to know the “evolving mindset of Creator” reflected in all creation She presents Herself.  See a huge translucent planet in front of us its backdrop is the darkness of deep space.  Now notice there are eight other immense translucent planets moving randomly around this place.  With closer inspection we see or sense these nine Monads are safely embraced by the Goddess / Deity.  Together we find ourselves inside one of these family Soul Monads.  This is our home.  Many names through time have been assigned to these ever evolving families, but since I am part of the Correllian family Tradition I chose the names based on Chancellor Lewis’ names given.  All these Monads are all experienced through dream which is called Oneiero or Dreams of Deity.  Yes we are one of Goddess’ dreams!  Though Soul Monads may not be spherical in shape this depiction still represents a genuine spiritual process for all Souls.

Here are the names do you see all the nine females that represent billions and billions of Souls?  1-Protoneira or Proa’, 2-Deuteroneira or Dea’, 3-Tritoneira or Tritona, 4-Tetroneira or Tea’, 5-Pemptoneira or Pema’, 6-Ektoneira or Eka’, 7-Ebdomoneira or Eba, 8-Ogdoneira or Ogdona’ and 9-Enatoneira or Ena’.  This Tarot working helps unfold our ever expanded consciousness that leads us to our other selves, not just our current lifetime, but moving beyond our single Soul.

When observing the nine moving Monad spheres we see there are billions of spheres inside each Monad which are Souls.  Looking closer within each of these Soul spheres are seven moving spheres.  These represent the stream cycles that everything living moves through.  Each Soul moving from one stream to the next inside one Monad is ever moving and changing.  Now look even closer, the billions of Soul spheres each filled with a multitude of personality types and lives.  Essentially for each Monad there are many personalities though they may have a single aspect that they all possess, the same is true, for the stream cycles all seven cycles have many differing personalities within its own stream yet with no common aspect, except they find themselves inside this one particular stream cycle and one Monad.  

Within each Monad the more spiritually developed Soul will look much like all the other spiritually developed Souls, no matter what Monad they belong, however in the less developed Souls there are many differences between each personality.  So as you can imagine the expression of Soul within each Monad is wide and varied.

Now let us talk about the Monad called Proa’ (Protoneira).  - Chancellor Don Lewis teaches the following on the first Monad, found in the Third Degree Book, “Proa’ (Protoneira) is the first Monad, the first attempt by Deity to enter the world of matter.  Deity’s first reaction to matter was to try to make sense of it: to understand it and digest the experience of matter, which was of course wholly unfamiliar to Deity theretofore. 

What are Stream Cycles?

Like Monads and the Tarot, Stream Cycles are stages that consciousness passes through.  There is a beginning, development, growth, apex, than slow decline, transitioning or returning

thus the never ending cycle of life and consciousness.  The most significant thing we can do for this world right now is to find out what stream of consciousness with which we are swimming in this moment and the Tarot may be beneficial in this quest.  Another to be said, these refer to the many steps a coconsciousness moves through again and again.  To reach the awakening state then leaving this state, returning once again to self-coma for a little rejuvenation. Space or Stage: Instead of saying high or low and fostering the ego oriented being into “specialness” the word space or stage is just another place that we all experience depending on our stream location at this moment, no one above or below another.

Self-Induced State: This is the first stage of the life stream that is not aware of anything outside them.  The Self-induced state does not understand anything outside their many attachments.  Inflation of ego can only hold thoughts.  The deflated ego is where an individual feels that they are not enough.  This person feels undeserving. 


First Monad


Part experiment part Divine plan the Goddess set out to regain one of Her aspects back into Herself.  Yearning for Her consort to return, conceived a plan to develop a way for the God to  return to Her.  She willingly, bravely chose to release from Her being for a time, now yearned for His return.  She was advised by the oldest part of Herself that first she must fall before She can rise.  The quote from the Vangelo delle Streghe writings, “To rise you must fall.  To become the greatest of all Goddesses, you must first become a mortal.”  Thus Goddess fell through the seven planes to the world of matter, the only way in which Goddess and God could re-unite.  We are the Goddess and God’s children our existence is celebrated both in being their union and being their offspring.  The Goddess used sound to set the universe into motion the Universes and our vibration is what aligns to every living thing no matter how far it is.  It is the Goddess that set the wheel of life into continual motion through Her vibrational sounds, Her voice.  Each Monad consists of many Souls with a vast array of the Goddesses’ characteristics.  In creating existence She released nine parts of Herself seemingly one at a time, though everything happens at once, to study the baser physical world and help her new world develop whereby everyone returns home to Her.  Yet remember all stories in the Vangelo are allegory in nature for easier understanding.  

Since the Goddess fell through the seven planes of existence and as humans we ascend upward while already part of every plane, here is a refresher of their names.  The lowest plane with the lowest frequencies is the Physical Plane.  The second from the bottom has higher vibrations is the Emotional plane, the third from the bottom which has higher vibrations is the Mental plane.  Then upward to the fourth, is the Astral, this is where we create everything to pull into the physical world.  Then upward to the fifth plane we find the Soul with higher vibrations than all the other planes below.  The sixth plane is where we are aware of our Soul Monad and its purposes.  Then at the top with the highest frequencies is the all-knowing Divine, remembering this plane is already part of our memory. 

The Tarot cards that represent the Souls of Protoneira are the Hierophant, the Chariot and the Fool.  Though these cards have their separate meanings in divination we are introducing each card through the Monads and Stream Cycles.

All three cards express the same Protoneira Soul theme, their assets and their challenges.  For these particular lessons the Monad story will only be expressed through the Tarot.   Fool, Hierophant, and Chariot expresses Deity’s first attempt to enter the world of matter.  Of course, every possible variation on this theme is to be found in the Protoneira Souls’ Monadand their many lives.” 

Here is a vlog by Chancellor Don Lewis about Monads:

First Monad Cards


The Fool

Fool: Deity’s first reaction to matter was to try to make sense of it all.  After understanding the physical reality and digesting the experience of matter, which was of course wholly unfamiliar to Deity.  The Souls of Proa’ (Protoneira) tried to make sense of the material world, and formulated ways of relating to it.  The numeral 0 is assigned to the Fool, the no thing and everything, are both non gender and both genders, at the same time constantly being created.  This card is pure spirit happily desiring to connect with all experiences.  This card represents that moment of conception, formulation, conceiving.  Here within this card the brilliant Source of all things is found.  Light is emphasized in the Fool’s card symbols. The Fool card is the first card that needs to be encoded, just like our dreams, because everything is seen through the lens of this card when exploring the creation story through the Tarot.  A bit of advice when interpreting the Fool and her/his story, do not allow the Fool to fool you, by allowing yourself to become fully invested in this story.   Each step we take through the Monads and Tarot is an insightful self-awareness that every step is part of our initiation under the Sun.

Seeing through the Protoneira Monad and Tarot lens, the true meaning of the Tarot, is that it was designed as an allegory reflecting universal processes for all levels of consciousness including the violent unconscious mind.  It has been said that the Tarot was marketed to the public as a game called the Game of Life, yet it has built within every symbol an allegorical story to be shared with every spiritually initiated Soul.  Those that chose to be uninitiated will simply enjoy the Game of Life.  Yet I believe in holding nothing back or having secrets.  It is the universe and their very own life cycle that has set up veils and it is their choice to remove their veils at any time to see the sublime! 

The Fool says the unexperienced, desires to have experiences but has none to this point of time.  The Fool is willing to take the leap so that she may experience fully, while knowing she has every internal protection, which are all the powers of the universe.  This card reminds us that our being is forever young.  As we further study this card we see snow caped mountains; the Fool on the highest peak, so this individual apparently is not a novice mountain climber to travel such a height.  Have you ever traveled to the highest peak in your life?  You are able to feel this exhilarating experience through astral travel and dream.  The mountain is an allegory, what is the mountain you have conquered in life? 

Then there is her flowered dress depicting pride of her appearance.  Since she is Prontonieraian she celebrates all manner of symbols depicted on her dress as well.  She is The finder of symbols and patterns.  Her small bag, shows physical things mean little to her, she packed enough to, so that she may fully experience a grand trip down into the deepest valley.  Or has she already taken the dive to the dark valley below, because where did she collect the rose in her hand?   In the fertile warm soil below or in a snowy mound on top of the mountain?

Let us now consider the feather in her crown of greenery:  This feather is a key, also seen on the death card and several other cards.  Isn’t it interesting that the crown/laurel with feather shows up on the Fool’s new life card and the death card.  Feather in one’s cap represents a real achievement in one’s life.  Before you popped into this reality you set up a time where it was going to be the time you are ready to speak to your Soul.  Requesting nature to gift you with one or more feathers until you acknowledged the gift and communication from your Soul to your Soul.  Isn’t it curious that one of the main writing tools in the past were feathers?  The feather is a communication tool sent by you to you.  The magical mind receiving the feather of remembrance; communicating all keys are our building blocks, or said another way, the Tarot is our building blocks to help us learn from our Souls, the Protoniera Soul. 

The full brilliant light that radiates out of the flaming star behind her gives her full energy and reminds her where she once lived and who gives her energy and makes her day.  The Sun represents full life.  The White Dog is shown in Waite Rider Smith Deck and the Marseille shows the feral cat. The white dog represents the still mind is a good companion to your higher self.  White dog depicts the pure mind, the well trained mind and the disciplined mind.  A moral high minded individual exploring the world of matter, constantly investigating through high senses. 

Notice the Fool gazing upward which means she does not forget where she came, as she delightfully walks each card of the Tarot.  It is the immense power of the Fool that moves us through every key. 

The fool was called the alchemist that goes through the journey.  By taking chances, we can gain opportunities through experiences so that we may collect knowledge.  The crown of leaves clearly reflects she, like every sacred human, is a worthy noble.  If you are pure hearted you are noble. 

Let us consider the white rose the Fool is holding aloft, has so many meanings however Our task is to be single focused on the First Monad; let us discuss the rose within the Hierophant card. 



Hierophant: Protoneira Souls are often leaders in areas of morality, philosophy, or legality.  They usually adhere strongly to ideals and principles, and can be quite unforgiving of others who do not.  Protoneiras are all about structure, form, and theory.  Prontoneiras translated the physical world into terms spirit could understand, and established patterns for interacting with the world.  They are great thinkers, but once having understood an idea find it very difficult to change an opinion or adapt to a new concept.  All this is shown in the Hierophant card.  

Consequently Souls which come out of Protoneira are very strong on ideas of how things should work, but not so adept on follow through.  The Hierophant, brings the never ending maintaining, all the while reminding us creation never ends.  The Hierophant establishes an agreement with material agreeing with Divine spirit, so that Spirit may understand matter; two separate entities returning together to evolve both.  As the Hierophant sits on his throne he delivers, with his right hand the esoteric sign.  The triple cross represents the piercing of the three fold life precept creative power is Divine and comes first before intellectual is replaced with the mind of Deity.  The physical worlds need to agree before life appears on this plane.

The two columns represent the law that everyone tries to live up to and no-one is able, this is why this Soul family gives liberty to everyone to break or not break their strict rules, yet knowing there are always consequences for both.  The Marseille deck shows two upset men kneeling in front of the Hierophant.  Even though their backs are to us, their hand gestures are making it clear they are troubled.  Yet the Waite-Rider-Smith deck shows two elderly men calmly kneeling, one priest wearing vestments of roses and the other priest wearing vestments of white lilies.  You will quickly discover the rose and lily shows up often in the cards, which means they are conveying something important to act upon.

Now let us talk about the lilies and roses, lilies were said to be made of the breast milk of the Greek Goddess Hera, a symbol of motherhood and birth.  The myth says when Zeus caused Hera to sleep so that his son of another mother, Hercules suckled on his wife Hera’s breast.  Hera’s milk began to overflow.  The overflow shot upward creating our Milky-Way; the milk stream that shot downward onto earth produced a white lily and Hercules became a god; as far as I know, every one that suckled Hera’s breast became a god.   The lily represents both female and male vibrations and all that is aligned to them. 

Long ago wives’ tales would say, approach a pregnant woman holding a lily in one hand and a rose in the other hand.  If the woman selects the lily the town would know a new baby boy is entering their community.  And if the rose was selected the good fortune that a baby girl brings will soon arrive.  The main interpretation the lily brings is the sacred phrase, “remembering the promise.” We are remembering the concept of becoming, renewal and transitioning.  There is

hope when you are passionate. And act as if you understand freedom.   The lily can be found in the Magician card (1), and the Hierophant card (5), within the major arcana. 

The rose, is the quest for understanding the unfolding universe, forever rebirthing.  A symbol that says everyone with pure motives are included; nothing can be built upon violent or selfish motives.  Aphrodite’s slain lover’s blood poured into a pool of water with which a rose bush grew out of depicting Goddess’s love is eternal.  When a rose was placed in a meeting, it meant secrets revealed here remain here.  When Romans hung roses over their meeting table it meant that nothing said shall leave this table, sometimes called the sub-rose.  In the Tarot it means secrets are only hidden from the unfocused or uninitiated and it is a symbol of balance.  The thorns represent thoughtlessness, physicality and loss.  This life is light, this light is life, says the rose.  The rose steps forward in the Fool (0) card, Magician card (1), The Empress (3), Death card (13) which reduces to (4), the Hierophant (5), and Strength card. (8).

As an aside, when studying each card for story lines remove all color for consideration however if the cards are being utilized for divination then the colors are very helpful along with the numerals or letters assigned to each card. 


The Chariot

Chariot: However, having accomplished Her primary purpose, Protoneira Souls became stuck and could go no further.  They understand concepts well and are excellent at codifying and establishing patterns, but are not so very adept at putting those patterns into action or adapting to circumstances.  They can be very morally inspiring in a passive way, conversely if called upon to use their moral structure in an active way they often have difficulty in doing so.  This inability to move forward with their ideas is the greatest challenge for Protoneira Souls.  Studying the Chariot card we notice the stream of water behind the chariot, thus highlighting the element water.  Water is the ultimate in recycling and continually transforming over and over.  The ultimate butterfly!  Tis process starts from solid to liquid to vapor to evaporation, then returning to earth once again as liquid or a delicate solid or a firm solid, a complete metamorphosis.

Within the Chariot card, this seemingly crowned conquer is but a paper tiger.  Consider his face expression he has a dazed “not all there” expression on his face.  Entombed inside a chariot with four solid Columns all representing the four elements in nature that created us all, air, fire, water and earth. Though beautiful a well-built chariot is not advancing nor does this well-dressed noble have any control of the two sphinxes or horses, one black and one white, representing active energy and passive energy both equally limitless and strong in their own way.  And most powerful is when humankind can discover how to work with both together.  Female and male energies together is when humankind will take a giant leap in the far future.  They are resting and going nowhere; when humankind learns to use both and not harnessed to the chariot or no reigns attached. The Noble is not advancing in his chariot.  The cubical shape represents foundational beginning of self.  In the “Symbolism of the Tarot of the Bohemian” by Milton A Pottenger describes in part, this card: “It shows the influence of the creation, in the preservation of the divine in the human, man performing the function of God the creator.”  My interpretation is that all four figures within this card expresses the foundational process are being explored for the first time and all discovering how humans learned how to relate to spirit and spirit to humans,  a new Soul born of the stars.  When I say four figures I am including the noble, the two female sphinx and the card’s name The Chariot.

foundational beginning of self.  In the “Symbolism of the Tarot of the Bohemian” by Milton A Pottenger describes in part, this card: “It shows the influence of the creation, in the preservation of the divine in the human, man performing the function of God the creator.”  My interpretation is that all four figures within this card expresses the foundational process are being explored for the first time and all discovering how humans learned how to relate to spirit and spirit to humans,  a new Soul born of the stars.  When I say four figures I am including the noble, the two female sphinx and the card’s name The Chariot.


First Stream Cycle


Let us discuss the first stream cycle that resides in all nine Monads, called the Self-Coma Stream Cycle.  Consider each massive Soul group a family.  New Souls focus on differences while the oldest souls do not and utterly respect each other.  All of us end up becoming aware that we have always been connected to each other and Source.  Our objective is to grow within our own Soul Monad, yet learn from and try to get along with other Monads, to the best of our ability. 

Within each Soul there are several streams of consciousness.  Think of it this way, you see yourself gently swimming under the water with your scuba gear on, as you swim you begin to realize you have just been caught up in a current  that carries you for miles.  Let us call these currents streams that we chose to swim for a time.  We all go through all of them.  This has nothing to do with ascension, but awareness of our being and the living beings around us.

As we looked at the beautiful spheres earlier we could not say one was higher than another or better than another, because every stream has an important purpose and all are needed just like all the Monads are needed to move humankind forward. 

The Stream Cycle is not linier nor is it circular it is more like an underwater landscape, each touching each other yet all are separate life forms living in one life form, water, all swimming in one life form.  The first stream cycle is called self-coma

The deepest state of un-consciousness, having very little awareness of what is going on around him is this stream cycle.  They are usually attached to many things and devices.  They think they are not fully connected, numbing themselves.  Some use drugs to escape reality.  Anything that takes them away from reality they embrace some programmed on automatic pilot.  This personality stays away from direct experiences in reality.

Some are blind to everything except their own mind.  They think that everyone is like them.  Reality distortion may cause delusions of grandeur.  Some focus on power over others or over things or over data.  Some focus on what they like not interested in learning about others. Within this stream wants are more important than needs.  Coma Streams can’t be gently woken. yet.  If dependencies are gently taken away from this person, removing all clutter will make it easier to drift into the next stream, yet it is always their choice.  They are easily distracted.  Comas do have good purposes for the wider world, yet a good reason is that they are either very young or need much rest from a previous life.  One is regeneration.

The First Stream Cycle set that represents the Self Coma stream cycle are the Sword Pips, which are Ace through ten.  Though there are many meanings for each card the meanings we will focus on the Monads and Stream Cycles, not quarent questions but the Monad Story and Stream Cycle story. 

To be clear there are nine Monads though it is possible there are more being identified. Every Monad has every personality variation under the Sun.  Within each Monad there are seven consciousness Stream Cycles.  Every Stream Cycle has every variation through the lens of each Soul Monad. 





First Stream Cycle Cards


Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords says, “I wear this crown on my head isolated in these desolate barren high mountains, everything is only understood through the physical and ego which causes isolation.


Two of Swords

Two of Swords says, “I have deliberately blindfolded myself and hold my world of thoughts close to my vest.  My all-consuming thoughts have caused me to not trust others.  I am alone in the darkness of night.”  Yet this young woman or man sits on the green altar sea shore.  The threshold of full consciousness is a few feet away from her or him.


Three of Swords

Three of Swords says, “I have no trouble tearing myself down with my own thoughts so much so they pierce my heart.”  The heart tired of being in painful thought, finally says, I chose to move away from my pain. 


Four of Swords

Four of Swords says, “I quietly repose and consider my thoughts, I have placed myself in a coma because I deeply need recuperation and golden healing in a safe sanctuary. 


Five of Swords

Five of Swords says, “He seems to be the smug victor by battering these two individuals walking away with his blind intellect.  He apparently won a verbal battle with at least two others previously due to he is holding his own sword and holding two others in his hand that he collected from a previous debate, while the other two swords remain on the ground.   



Six of Swords

Six of Swords says, “I allow others to move me to a place of rest and have no problem that I am taking a trip in an unworthy boat.  Why unworthy?  There are six sharp swords piercing the bottom of the vessel and the boat is already riding low.


Seven of Swords

Seven of Swords says, “Though I sleep I am cleverer than my community.  Through trickery I leave this community with five less swords.”     



Eight of Swords

Eight of Swords says, “All my thoughts isolate me and blind me, they set me out of the city.


Nine of Swords

Nine of Swords says, “I can’t stop my incessant thoughts, they pierce my mind, affect my voice and pierce my heart.”  You can see one sword floating in the air piercing his head, another piercing his throat and another piercing his heart through the back.    


Ten of Swords

Ten of Swords says, “I am in deep coma and have no intentions of awakening, completely attached to the earth.  It is easy to see every Sword pip is a self-induced coma.  To recap, all Sword pips represent the first Stream Cycle Ace through the numeral ten and the Fool, Chariot and Hierophant represent the First Monad.

First Monad Correspondences

First Monad: Protoneira

Key Concepts: Conceiving, The perfectionist, honesty. Conceiving, Cycle First Stream Cycle:   Self Coma / Ace through ten Swords

Numeral: One / Heis: The Perfectionist / Trail Blazer, opens new doors.

Planet: Sun

Virtue: Honesty

Muse: Daughter of Zeus, Calliope (k-ah-LY-ah-pee) meaning beautiful voice; she imposes justice and serenity.  Protector of heroic poems.  She is depicted holding laurels and two Homer poems.  She presides over eloquence and Homer’s muse.  She was the most assertive and wisest of all the muses.  She usually wears a gold crown sometimes hold a writing tablet.  Her symbols are quills, pencils, pens, books, stories, stylus and tablets; mother of all musicians and poets. 

Art, communication belongs to her skills as well.

Animals: Wild tiger, white dog, and butterfly Chakra: Root (Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus)“For endless eons Primeval Deity existed in this amorphous and undifferentiated state, in the darkness before the first creation.  At first She slept, aware of nothing, resting and recharging, gathering Her energies and merely being alone and complete in Herself.”  Studying the Tarot through the Monads will help one to enter into the process of “Remembering the Promise.”

As I continue teaching the story of the first Monad and the first Stream Cycles of Consciousness through the Tarot we continue with the Stream Cycle Self-Coma cards and they are all the pips of the Swords’ suit; Ace of swords through ten of swords.   As you already know swords are mostly related to all thoughts.  For the Stream Cycle purpose swords correspond to the Self-coma stream cycle, each card explaining how many different ways an individual remains in a self-coma.  All of us have experienced this to some extent in many of our past lives or possibly experiencing this state within this life.  Now let us look at each card within this group.


Second Monad and Stream Cycle


Our key precept for this Monad and Cycle is the Higher Self of Goddess, identified as the wise Crone, the oldest portion of Herself, and commonly referred to as Hekate.  Slept for eons and eons our Primeval Deity lived  in this undifferentiated state, in the dark before there were nights, before the first creation.  At first Goddess slept, aware of nothing, resting, alone while complete in Herself.  Before we continue with the Second Monad let us discuss Monads in general and then specifically in terms of the Soul. 

Defining a Monad Continues

Continuing to define a Monad, in general terms the word itself means “unit.”  It can be termed as any natural entity or unit from the smallest atom to the collective universes and beyond.  Every unit has a central intelligence which composes the highest energy vibrations we call the Higher Self.  Let us look at a flower, a flower has many parts yet every part has a Higher Self and intelligence that relate to that plane; while working with the other planes of existence.  The same is true for every single unit and everything is a unit including the smallest atom.  Let us look at this from in another perspective.  Let us say a being from another lesser developed planet found earth from a distance.  This being sees a beautiful blue globe, yet he cannot physically see the billions of living beings/units from a distance, yet wonders, like humans, if there is life there on this planet?  The entire planet is a Monad.  A Monad encompasses the entire unit, the largest entity within the unit, and the smallest entity within the unit is also a Monad as well as everything in between.   

The smallest is not less valued because it is small; it has a central intelligence system within it as well.  Thus, making it impossible to see separation between anything or where does one system end and one system begin?  We continue to be like the Goddess in an undifferentiated state.  Everything has a center, everything has no end.  Our Solar system is a Monad with the Sun at its center.  We are Monads living inside a Monad and Monads living inside us, all having Higher Selves with no end. 

          At Soul level, we are within one Monad, our experiences are related to our family Monad.  Each a small part of Goddess when She released parts of Herself into the physical plane, to learn, explore and experience the physical plane through us and every other kingdom.  Each Monad has a responsibility to enter the physical plane to evolve and return to the Goddess, though we never leave Her, only a portion of Her consciousness left Her.  Just like when we Astral travel, only a portion of who we are leaves us.  Monads are unborn, selfless, self-motivated, eternal, self-aware of its consciousness.  The same is true of the creation story.  There is no differentiation and in that sense, it is an illusion we appear separate on this physical plane. 

Development of consciousness opens our eyes to see we are already stars, a universe filled with stars, every atom is a solar system filled with countless stars, orbing its center, its higher intelligence.  More specifically Correllians believe Goddess, first divided Herself into two parts, darkness and light.  “Out of Herself, the first Darkness, She divided Herself.  Into Darkness and Light She was divided.  The God, Her consort, Herself and Her other Self, was the Light.”  Primeval Deity divided Herself –One became Two.”  This excerpt was taken from the First Degree Clergy Book written by Chancellor Don Lewis-Highcorrell. 

Chancellor Lewis sites, “Then all the physical tangible, volatile parts of Primeval Deity went into the God, who was the Light, falling into matter, through Seven Planes of existence.” The seven planes of existence are physical, emotional, mental, astral, Soular or egoic, Monadic and Divine.  While all the ethereal, eternal and spiritual parts remained within the Goddess. 

The Goddess desired to fully experience and sense all experiences through who She created.  Strongly desiring to take what She created back into Herself, she communed with the oldest part of Herself to gain guidance; the Vangello refers to this ancient part of the Goddess as “The Mothers and Fathers who were before the first creation.”  The Goddess’ Higher-Self responded, “To rise You must fall.  To become the greatest of all Goddesses, You must first become mortal.”  This implies either more Goddesses will be created or She was not alone as She first imagined. 

So too did the Goddess fall through the same seven planes of existence by releasing nine parts of Herself called Monads or Soul families, to enter in physical forms.  She caused all Souls to live many lives in many physical forms.  If you did not know this before this moment you now know you are completely Goddess and part of Her at the same time.  When a drop of water is removed from the sea, you are completely the sea and yet part of the sea for a moment and eternity.  Either way you are the sea, either way you are Goddess.  Goddess and God’s reunion was a success because we are here, we are their children.  To maintain this union a chant was spoken, ensuring both Goddess and God remain one, “She sang a charm, and her voice was as the buzzing bees.  And then Diana sat at Her spinning wheel and began to spin the thread of life, and the God turned the wheel.”  Energy, vibration or frequency, whatever you desire to name it, keeps manifestations moving at the plane level the manifestation is currently living.  The Music of the spheres!  God carries Goddess’ Divine spark forward, facilitating growth through experience, through us.

The Goddess divided into an infinitesimal amount of parts, while never leaving Her home.  This creation story conveys the One that contained the Mothers and Fathers before the first creation, than She was and is both the Light and Dark, the physical creation through Her releasing these portions of Herself through the nine Monads with countless Souls that emanated out of Her.  Remember Goddess was and is androgynous, and is portrayed as both female and male through some art work of the past cultures.  The same is true for the God, when He was released he was and is both male humans and female humans and the other kingdoms’.  Humans assigned gender and traits to the Goddess and the God, not Deity.  Deity holds everything and is everything.  Let us see how many parts we have already identified, Goddess, the Light and the Dark, Her oldest Self, Mothers and Fathers of the first creation, the God and a multitude of Souls pouring out of Her to enter the physical plane, all in one being.  All myths are humans trying to understand creation in physical human terms so that Deity becomes approachable.

How shall we become more aware of our multi-dimensional selves?  We have all eternity to become what we strive to be and then attain in our time.  Approaching our life with wonder and awe helps clarity, to be realized as we move toward the stars.  So start learning to dance, sing and celebrate life, more is learned, received and retained through joy through satisfaction and this is how manifestation operates for the most part as well.  Start dancing.  Yes lessons are learned through hardship and pain all valuable teachers. Many times we forget there are many ways to experience life and learn lessons.

Second Monad

Deuteroneira- after Protoneira became hopelessly stuck in physical patterns Deity soon created a second avatar, which held millions of Souls with Deuteroneirian characteristics, even though as the first avatar every version of this Monad was expressed.  Deuteroneira’s main purpose was to assist Protoneira helping her to move forward.  Deuteroneira soon studied Protoneira’s patterns and tried setting them all in motion, actively making each pattern practical.  However Deuteroneira’s work was undercut because Protoneira thought that Deuteroneira was usurping her thus did not give Deuteroneira permission to move forward.  Plus Deuteroneira would not apply her practical applications without securing permission from Prontoneira, thus thoughts remained thoughts, or thoughts unrealized.  Resentment became apparent in both of them. 

Deuteroneiran Souls know the meaning of true loyalty.  They understand the importance of nurturing everything in their lives not just other humans.  In relationships they protect their mates.  Observation and analytical skills are second to none.  They roughly understand how to take ideas and turn them into practical applications.  However they have a tendency to second guess themselves, deferring to others, causing them to not follow through.  They are remarkable in creating practical and long range systems and plans, yet have difficulty moving ideas and plans into reality.  They tend to feel comfortable being an assistant than being in a leadership position.  However the other side of that coin some Deuteroneirians tend to become resentful  latter so it’s a cycle they move through over and over, example, you can almost hear a Deuteroneirian say, “No I am not interested in being the leader.” one year later, he questions, “Why am I not the leader?”  Yet Deuteroneirians have the capability to move through a system so that she may help others work more practically, ultimately she is satisfied she is making a difference to the group, business or system.  Moving the idea is most important to her.

Second Monad Tarot Cards

Chancellor Lewis- Highcorrell’s general Monadal behavior patterns for the second Monad:  “The second Monad, Deuteroneira, invariably helps the first Monad, Protoneira, and is usually very supportive of her-however Deuteroneira tends to get impatient after a while with Protoneira’s inaction, then often by-passes her to take action in her own right.  Even then however, Deuteroneira often continues to prop Protoneira up, giving her the credit for what Deuteroneira has done herself.  Deuteroneira finds it extremely hard to take center stage, and very hard to take strong action.  It is difficult for Deuteroneira to reject or condemn anybody.  Deuteroneira often relies on the third Monad, Tritoneira, to actually do the hard jobs. Deuteroneira is very attached to Tritoneira and has a love/hate relationship to the fourth Monad, Tetroneira.  Deuteroneira is the most orderly of the Monads, and can be compulsive in this regard.”

          Now that we have quoted Chancellor Lewis Highcorrell’s general behavior patterns for the second Mona, let us interpret the following Tarot cards see how many behaviors fit nicely into the Second Monad.  In fact everything described within these behavior patterns are reflected in every card here.  The statement; “I shall sit here until I am fully ready, or I shall wait until I have all that is needed to complete the task.  I will wait.”  This is one of the second Monad’s behaviors that stop them in their tracks.  Regarding the first Monad, Protoneira she was to enter the world of matter, her purpose was to gather information and learn how to interact in the physical world.  However Protoneira was lacking in placing those identified patterns into active application.  Not being able to move forward with her moral ideas was her greatest challenge.  Trying to find the right way for things to be, caused her to have a blind spot for all the ways things can be.  The key phrase for this Monad is “To conceive.”  Here is where we find the perfectionist.  They are highly ethical, open and honest Souls.  This Monad’s planet is the Sun and her virtue is honesty.  

Every single human, animal, plant and stone are essential to this great work, yet everything and everyone ultimately is awake.  Though amazing thinkers these principled individuals can be unforgiving for those that do not share their high morals and ideals. 


The Tower

I prefer translating the Marseille scene verses the Waite, Rider, Smith Deck. The building is an Illusion most occult teachings agree with this.  The difference right away, we see a lightning bolt hitting the tower at night causing the tower to be completely engulfed with fire and the two figures obviously are falling to their death from a high isolated frozen mountain.  The Marseille scene shows a sun flare hitting the tower during the day, not setting anything on fire however the crown is blown off.  The way the tower is depicted is not high on a cold snowy mountain but on relatively flat ground.  The tower is drawn out of scale that it is obvious that these two figures could not fit through these windows.  So this is all illusion and the other figure Is apparently falling out of a doorway, so good news, no custom change for these two young men today, maybe a few bumps and bruises.   



This card has the most life affirming symbols than any other card.  Behind change is ascension to spirit, ascension in spirit ascension with spirits.  This physical life is only a mask; I usually like to refer to our bodies as temporary costumes. We wear these costumes to experience it and its physical mind and how it relates to the other being costumes with their remarkable minds and experiences.  Everything we see we see through this custom or mask.  This card shows a skeleton holding a banner with the Mystic Rose emblem on it which represents life.  The brilliant sun of immortality shines beyond the two towers, saying you are not going away.       

In the Waite Rider Smith Deck the Skeleton holds no weapons however the Tarot De Marseille holds a sickle tending the earth; body parts, plants and bones all being tilled for new growth.  We change in form placing another costume on us to experience what is.  Death is neither a gate to pass or path to travel, just a costume change.  Key interpretation here would be renewal, rest or creation. 


The Moon

Here we see in the Moon card, sixteen Main moon rays and sixteen secondary moon rays.  This card represents Illusion.  This card expresses a life of imagination only seeing the limited physical plane.  The path to the two towers is traveling into the unknown.  The white dog and brown wolf represent fears of the physical, intellectual mind, the mind that sees the limits yet cannot figure out how to see our transformation however it can see glimmers of reflected light, which is excellent as well.  Like every scene on the Tarot this card is a symbol of something that is able to go far, yet fear stops it in its tracks.  A. E. Waite said it best, “The intellectual light is a reflection and beyond it is the unknown mystery which it cannot shew forth.”  The natural mind illuminates our animal nature.  The moon representing the face of mind sends peace and stillness to us the animals, the dog and wolf.  The soft dew falling from the moon is our every unifying thought one is able to pour upon the ground for seeding.  However notice these thoughts from this mind are being poured past the towers.  Nothing is hidden from anyone it has always been in front of us.  Be still.

Second Stream Cycle, Deep Sleeping

The Second Stream Cycle is the Deep Sleeper.  In physical reality, Deep Sleepers need to be gently shaken a little or have a sudden loud sound to startle them awake or a constant loud sound that pushes them back into physical awaking.  Lightly touching deep sleepers does not awaken them from their sleep.  Versus the self-coma individual, remember he is completely attached to at least one precept that keeps him under, no matter what one does he will not wake up.  He needs his attachments and needs his rest.  Like the remarkable sacred bear, hibernation is necessary for our health, bear sleeps yet can wake up if they have a reason to wake up.  Do you have a reason to wake up?  You do.

As for deep sleepers, action is important for change however, so is hibernation to realize regeneration.  Butterfly is an excellent example of hibernation before regeneration or even frog is a good example as well; all entering this world one way, then through metamorphism, fulling coming into yourself that changes you into something different.  All deep sleepers need is a little push through an Aha! moment.  A “Now what do I do with this knowledge, wake-up and fully engage or ignore this knowledge only to once again fall into deep sleep?”  This is the question that is presented to every living thing, “What do I do with what I know?”  Another excellent question that can stir the deep sleeper is, “What do I know?”  Sounds simple enough, at times it is then at times it is not a simple question. 

Mediation can shift our awareness as well.  Deep sleepers are not aware of others or fully understanding events happening around them.  They have the tendency to make harsh judgements without researching all sides of a story.  Or in-coming information always needs to be interpreted for them or at least in part, heavily relying on others to interpret their own reasoning.  There is nothing wrong with sharing interpretations, yet allowing another to override your own interpretations is a sedative and even isolating.  Goddess created you to interpret knowledge and experiences so that you can make your own decisions, applying your own knowledge, ushering in spiritual and practical changes through solution oriented activities.  When it is recognized that everyone adds, when it is recognized everything adds, is the time for humanities’ cosmic leap. 

Deep sleepers think they are alone.  They think thinking will move them outside their sleeping state, yet incessant base low vibrational thinking pulls them deeper into their deep sleep.  Thinking with the base thinker is good for some things and not the most beneficial for waking up.  Meaningful communications and helpful actions with the living, and with our ancestors touch others and helps everyone to wake up.  Dropping into the higher vibrational higher self-mode is relatively easy when spiritually awake, which gives ample room for the other planes and worlds to reveal their selves, an openness begins to grow inside your life.  Self-respect appears and when you respect yourself respecting others comes easy, thus births gratefulness for those who you know.  There are all manner of ways to open your world.  In many types of meditation or dreams we are able to  easily enter into a lighter non-physical less attached to physical precepts that releases us from our physically and all that is attached to it, that keeps us hidden from our own sovereignty.

Some deep sleepers allow themselves to be pushed around, by others instead of waking-up to their own life.  Let me give you an example, see yourself sleeping on a bed with wheels, then you see a kind person moving you to another room in your home.  You noticed they didn’t ask for your permission to move you to another location, this person thought you were sleeping and would not mind.  Some deep sleepers need to stay on guard for those that will take their free-will.  Unless you do not care, then that’s another matter.  These folks feel things just happen to them, so many blind sides in their life causes them to be blindsided.  Yet I encourage you to take back your life and place your wheeled bed where you desire to place it.  You are much too important to remain sleeping, unless you are recuperating from a previous difficult life or gathering energies to prepare for one of your present lives, which all are present.    

Individuals are able to wake up if shaken by seeing a truth regarding their reality.  Said another way, these individuals are able to wake up if shaken by experiencing a truth regarding reality or securing enough rest that they become restless and know instinctively to smoothly move to the next state of consciousness.  The movement is almost out of boredom, that the individual says, “I am tired of going through the same life experiences, the same lessons, the same easy opportunities the same personalities that cause troubles within our life.”  These individuals are ready to approach solutions in a different manner, while allowing others to live the way they choose, while not overly influencing them..  We own no one’s life.  This is your story, you are creating, this is your life.

Some deep sleepers show up excited and prepared to add to the human race, then for no apparent reason they disappear.  Then when you least expect it they return and perform in the most excellent ways, only to disappear again.  One of the benefits of deep sleep is deep meditation where you are taught in astral teaching temples.  A deep sleeper is just as kind, intelligent and insightful as any other Soul.  This Soul may be possibly working on a cure for something, but their just sleeping.  To help them wake up place physical visuals all around as gentle reminders.  Usually deep sleepers have no meaningful dialog regarding the other planes of existence, though they are very spiritual folks, they are just sleeping.  The difference between the self-coma individual and the deep sleeper is that the deep sleeper is capable of waking up.  When they first awake it may be for a few seconds at a time, as time passes they find themselves staying awake longer and then falling back to sleep, all quit wonderful for their community and the world at large.  We are all sleeping in many of our live times just like the Goddess before She woke up!

To recap, it is important to see we are becoming more aware of our creative process, exponentially causing us to see our spiritual growth, greatly guiding us through Karmic disentanglements and developing us within our Monad and Stream Cycle then beyond our individual Soul. 

The second Stream Cycle is called the deep sleeper. All deep sleepers need, is a little push through an Aha! moment.  Asking themselves, “Now what do I do with this old knowledge, wake-up and fully engage or ignore this knowledge only to once again fall into deep sleep?”  And “Now what do I do with this new knowledge, wake-up and fully engage or ignore this knowledge only to once again fall into deep sleep?”  These are the questions that are presented to every living thing, “What do I do with what I know?”  Another excellent question that can stir the deep sleeper is, “What do I know?”  Sounds simple enough, at times it is, then at times it is not a simple question.  What do you know?

Monad Tarot Reading

There are many ways to read the Tarot presently most individuals utilize this holy book as a divination tool.  When reading the Tarot there is a myriad of ways to interpret each spread. 

The Tarot is a richly detailed book of symbols that reflect how humans grow into their full awakening, their full potential ensuring the next cosmic leap for humankind.  The Tarot shows human’s manifestation process.  Expressing all the Soul Monads, all the Stream Cycles and every behavior response possibility under the Sun, giving personal direction while informing you where you are on this grand spectrum.  Within this Soul Monad study, everything that is presented for each Monad is expressed in every assigned card for that particular Soul Family Monad.  Cards representing a Monad can be read as a sentence, individually or placed in the entire deck and read as a sentence with other cards.  This will cause the Tarot’s language to be revealed adding another layer to divination.  Though the Tarot’s main purpose is not divination it is a book to be read to help your process, your life. 

Second Stream Cycle Tarot Cards

The first card of the second stream cycle is a court card the Knight of Swords.


Knight of Swords

This Knight is a prototype of a hero.  Most heroes do not come on the scene riding on a white horse to save the day.  Most wars are not won or peace lasting through violence.  Disagreements are completely won through consistently right diplomacy and giving grace to the so called enemy.  Though this card does mean there is possible opposition heading your way, however just by you knowing it is coming, you can make plans to diminish the trouble or even

dissolve it completely before it arrives on your door step; deflating all anger and all drama out of an issue. 

Notice his tabard he is wearing blue birds on his red vestment.  He has wings on his leg amour this Knight is also wearing a large red feather on his winged helmet.  The horse reflects energy moving through a situation or person.  Horse leaping through the air into the wind not with the wind.  Some decks have this horse flying over a body of water.  The white horse is wearing red birds and butterflies as well as black bats.  Now look at the top right corner where we can see four black birds flying above among the clouds.  This card is displaying wings in seven ways.  This card is obviously elaborating the symbols feather and wind which stand out in the picture plate.  Even the trees in the background seem to have their leaves catching the wind as well as the clouds seem to be moving with strong breezes.  This is the time to address an issue, by taking heed not from the blustering Knight that raises his sword high, but the by listening to the language of the winged animals, plants and elements that surround him.

The only Knight holding a weapon reminds us foolish violence is not needed, unless someone is using physical violence against you.  This person runs in like a bull in a china shop.  Acts, then asks forgiveness later or makes uninformed opinions about a situation, person or group without finding out all the facts first.  He runs in on a situation without researching what is really going on, causing harm to all around him, including himself.  We all know opinions are not facts.  Vague statements are not facts as well. 

Encourage this person to be still and work on his own shadows. This action will cause him to feel satisfied and unhurt once more.  Yet he quickly helps others without collecting all the facts which at times can cause loss, but still worth it. 

Suggestion, return to the winds and all which ride upon the winds.  Native Americans listen and pay attention to the whispers of wisdom through the spirit winds.  A wind never dies it just moves on to another place that needs its attention.  This card may represent impulsiveness or bluntly sharing what his truth is, in an in-artful manner.  His strike is sudden and accurate. 

Be careful of individuals that tell you what to do instead of having a good two way conversation asking questions and opinions.  He is passionate about his quest and has much to give humankind.


Knight of Wands

In all the horse cards, it is the horse that reveals the Knight’s character.  This Knight holds the Ace of Clubs representing fire, which burns anything unnecessary from our belief system.  Wearing the seal of life the red feather found in many of the cards within the Tarot.  All these cards present the horse in four manners or approaches.  This horse is colored brown versus the original Waite, Rider, Smith deck has no color.  So it is up to you to interpret color or not.  There are five living beings on this card, the land, horse, sky, plants, and human and three in symbol, the bird, plant again and lizard.  The lizard reminds us if something was cut off from our life, it will grow once again, due to, if a lizard’s tail is cut off, it has the capacity to grow back.  You can see in this card that humans previously erected three pyramids in the background apparently he is passing the pyramids, oblivious to their spiritual treasures.  He tends to over think things yet he brings incredible ideas to the fore-front with no way or means to complete the project.  Plus not recognizing he passes helpful guides each day in many ways. 

Though his words are transformative, his actions or inactions are focused on everything but the task at hand.  This card depicts the Knight slowly walking as if he enjoys and relishes the path as he slowly moves to his destination, exploring new avenues or adventures.  He is confident and deliberate with his actions, rushes into nothing quickly.  This card as all cards within the Stream Cycle and Monads represent both female and male.


Knight of Cups

This Knight is riding quietly in his metal feathered helmet representing his graceful imagination.  Everything within this card depicts a firm gracefulness.  He is the only Knight within the Knights’ suites which wears metal feathers, the rest wear real feathers.  He also wears metal wings on his armored shoes depicting flight.  He dresses his stunning white horse with water designs as they both seem to be addressing the gentle stream before them.  This Knight dresses himself also with water designs along with many red fish on his garment.  The white horse is formally galloping elegantly toward the narrow stream.  His approach is beautifully subtle.  The rider is a dreamer as his consciousness sleeps alone by the slow moving stream.  The stream reflects his consciousness as well.   Nothing covers either of his hands denoting he hides nothing from those he trusts.  He is willing to work with anyone his kindness is poured upon everyone.  His only focus is in what is in his hand, ignoring everything else.  This single mindedness can be both a blessing and a hindrance.  He nurtures peace.  He is action oriented, an activator.  This card’s energy helps find the ultimate potential in every person and every situation, trying to find more efficient ways to accomplish a process or project.  This card is about expansion.  An individual of high integrity brings expansion.  For some decks he wears no helmet.  Knight of Cups is the pinnacle of knowing where you are or where you want to go. 


Knight of Pentacles

This Knight of pentacles is not riding his horse he is sitting on a slow stout black horse decorated as if a show horse; he is not going anywhere for now, maybe taking a break.  The Knights is wearing protective amour with no weapons as if participating in a victory parade.  Both horse and Knight wear a green feather bloom on their heads.  Like all the Knights he is completely alone in a desolate place representing the fact he is deep sleeping he does not see the others around him, thinking he is alone.  The Knight of Pentacles wears a read tabard girded with a belt of red, with gloved hand, he holds aloft a large pentacle, seemingly not impressed with it or what it represents he stares into the far horizon.

Sitting on this beautiful heavy black horse under a sun lit sky, he identifies with no particular work at this point of time in his life, usually his work symbols would be on his garments, nothing is shown here.  Or he wishes not to display what he is working on in his life out of humbleness or just privacy.  Many times much more can be accomplished in privacy.  This Knight is seemingly unhappy just study his face, normally an individual that is frowning with his mouth turned downward is a pretty good indication that something is not right.  Though a responsible person, his main emphasis is the physical plane.  Not interested in anything but this physical world.  He nurtures physical things and thinks that is all there is, but remember he does not see the entire picture because he is sleeping.


As you have seen horse energy plays a large part within the second Stream cycle, so let us focus on this energy for a few minutes.  We all know there have been animals that have chosen to support and live closely with humankind.  Horse is one such animal, which has exceedingly added to humankind.

Remember the myth that says, Poseidon was creator of horses out of the ocean’s breaking waves he created them, or Greek Mythos, where the winged white horse Pegasus is the son of Poseidon (Neptune) and the Gorgon Medusa.  Horse belongs to the Sun God according to the Celts, assigned to Goddess Epona.  The Goddess of horses, Epona is also associated with dogs and birds, both animals that work closely and communicates with humans as well. 

Horses’ devotion is second to no other animal they have patiently served humankind.  Given up their lives in human’s wars, worked in the fields plowing the ground with their brute strength so that humankind may not parish from starvation.  Horses allowed their backs to be ridden for commuting, vastly increasing human’s mobility.  These gentle giants were the economic backbone for transporting goods from one location to the next, their speed and beauty delivers enjoyment and sports.  After they die many of their body parts are utilized in some countries.  The next time you are working with a Waite, Rider, Smith Deck pull all the horse cards and see the wisdom horse proclaims for humankind.  Horse chose to work with humans.  It is horse that gives wise dreams, continuity of life.  Buddha left this physical plane riding a white horse.  We now leave our deep sleep on a horse if you prefer. 

The Horses’ Generosity

White Horse Generously Gives: Drink in these meanings for horse: Devotion / Life-Force / Symbol for our body / Fertility / Freedom / Sun / Light/ Water / Massager of birth / Grace / Nobility / Strength / Reliable / Beauty / Intuitive / Stability / Victory / Illumination / Resurrection Many cultures assign all the elements to the horse.

Second Monad Correspondences

Key Phrase: Our key phrase from the Vangelo delle Streghe Creation story for the second Monad is “Over the course of time, Primeval Deity began to stir; to become aware.” This quote by Wayne Dyer aligns nicely with this Monad, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.”

Second Monad: Deuteroneira

Key Concept: The nurturer

Numeral: Two, nurturer, and relationships

Planet: Moon

Virtue: Generosity

Muse: Clio sometimes represented with a clarion and book, or holding a scroll next to a pile of

books.  She is known for her heroic acts.  She is the Muse of history.  Parents: Zeus and

Mnemosyne.  She is Goddess of music, song and dance and overseer of the holy Lustration waters. 

Animals: Horse, Dog, Bird

Chakra: Second or Sacral   (Zodiac signs: Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio)   


Diana, Queen of the Serpents, Giver of the Gift of Languages

This myth highlights the possibility that all things have language and desires to communicate to the human sleeper.  It is the sleeper that the insight to all languages is given.  All things have a language.

The Diana, Queen of the Serpents, Giver of the Gift of Languages is Found in Charles Godfrey Leland’s book Aradia or Gospel of the Witches: “In a long and strange legend of Melambo, a magician and great physician of divine birth, there is an invocation to Diana which has a proper place in this work. The incident in which it occurs is as follows:--

One day Melambo asked his mother how it was, that while it had been promised that he should know the language of all living things, it had not yet come to pass. And his mother replied:--

"Patience, my son, for it is by waiting and watching ourselves that we learn how to be taught.  And thou hast within thee the teachers who can impart the most, if thou wilt seek to hear them, yes, the professors who can teach thee more in a few minutes than others learn in a life."

It befell that one evening Melambo, thinking on this while playing with a nest of young serpents which his servant had found in a hollow oak, said:

"I would that I could talk with you.  Well I know that ye have language, as graceful as your movement, as brilliant as your color."  Then he fell asleep, and the young serpents twined in his hair and began to lick his lips and eyes, while their mother sang:-



The Invocation of the Serpents' Mother to Diana

"Diana! Diana! Diana!

Queen of all enchantresses

And of the dark night,

And of all nature,

Of the stars and of the moon,

And of all fate or fortune!

Thou who rulest the tide,

Who shinest by night on the sea,

Casting light upon the waters;

Thou who art mistress of the ocean

In thy boat made like a crescent,

Crescent moon-bark brightly gleaming,

Ever smiling high in heaven,

Sailing too on earth, reflected

In the ocean, on its water;

We implore thee give this sleeper,

Give unto this good Melambo

The great gift of understanding

What all creatures say while talking!"

LESSON TWELVE                                                

Third Monad and Stream Cycle


As we enter the third Monad story and Stream Cycle let us return to the sacred Vangelo Delle Streghe, physical creation story.  It would be best to deliver this creation story as Chancellor Don Lewis presents it. The First Priest’s words regarding creation and the seven planes of existence based on the Vangelo.  For the next several minutes allow these blessed words to refresh and revive you.  And as we move though the myth, be what is expressed through the words.

Written in Chancellor Don Lewis’ First Degree Book:

First Monad

1) “Diana was the first created of all creation.  In Her were all things.”  In other words Diana or Goddess is Primeval Deity.  She existed before the first beginning, as Chaos –God without form existing in a void, and having within Herself the seeds of all things, both spiritual and material, all mixed up together without order or definition.  Primeval Deity is androgynous, having both feminine (spirit or yin) and masculine (matter or yang) elements, and sometimes portrayed as such in myth and artwork.  Sometimes however Primeval Deity is portrayed as feminine, since we think of Primeval Deity in association with the Goddess, or Spirit-indeed as the Higher Self of Goddess.  In this sense Primeval Deity is identified with the Crone Goddess –the Goddess in Her aged state, having existed from before the dawn of time.  This is the wisest and most knowing part of Goddess, the most commonly called Hekate.  This is the Goddess portrayed with greater or lesser respect as the Hallowe’en witch, with Her pointed hat and broom.  

2) For endless eons Primeval Deity existed in this amorphous and undifferentiated state, in the darkness before the first creation.

3) At first She slept, aware of nothing, resting and recharging, gathering Her energies and merely being –alone and complete in Herself.

Second Monad

4) But over the course of time, Primeval Deity began to stir:

5) To become aware.

Third Monad

6) First She became aware of Her own existence.

7) In time She began to think, to dream, to question –to desire.

8) She wondered; “What would it be like to feel?”

9) What would it be like to move?

10) To take action?

11) To be able to receive sensation?

12) To see?

13) To hear?

14) And so for eons Primeval Deity thought, and considered and wondered.

15) And then:

Fourth Monad

16) “Out of Herself, the first Darkness, She divided Herself.  Into Darkness and Light She was divided.  The God, Her brother and son, Herself and Her other Self, was the Light.”  Primeval Deity divided Herself –One became Two.

17) All of the physical, tangible, volatile parts of Primeval Deity went into the God, who was the Light.

Fifth Monad

18) The God exploded into existence out of Primeval Deity in a shower of sparks and flame which we remember as the Big Bang, the starting point of physical creation.

19) All of the spiritual, ethereal, eternal parts of Primeval Deity remained in the Goddess.

20) In this sense Goddess is thought of as a continuation of Primeval Deity, since the consciousness of Primeval Deity is one of the Spiritual parts that remained with Her.

21) And the God spread out in all directions through the primordial void, a blaze of light and superheated matter.

22) In time His fire would cool into Stars, and from stars to Planets.

23) As this happens the vibration of the matter slows, it becomes more dense seemly solid.

24) This slowing, cooling, and solidifying, is described as “Falling into Matter.”

25) Symbolically the God is described as having fallen into Seven Planes of Existence.  Some people say there are more, but then the divisions are not as exact as all that, so the number is not so important as the concept.

26) “And when Diana saw that the light was so beautiful, the light which was Her other half, Her brother the God, She yearned for it with exceeding great desire.  Wishing to receive the light again into Her darkness, to swallow it up in rapture, in delight, She trembled with desire.  And this trembling was the first dawn.

Sixth Monad

27) But the God’s light fled from Her and would not yield to Her wishes.  He was the light which flies into the most distant parts of heaven, the mouse which flies before the cat.” 

28) Seeing the beauty of the God –that is, of the physical Universe, the Goddess was entranced with desire, and wanted it back.  She had dreamed of seeing and tasting and doing, but being separate from the God She could do none of this.  She could only observe from outside that which She had created.  The Goddess wanted the experiences She had dreamed of, and so She desired to take the created Universe back into Herself.  But it wasn’t that easy.

29) The Vangelo tells how The Goddess went to the oldest part of Herself, Primeval Deity –Who was still within Her.

30) The Vangelo calls Primeval Deity “The Mothers and Fathers who were before the first creation,” emphasizing Primeval Deity’s androgynous aspect.  In other words, the Goddess consulted Her own Higher Self.  In many ancient myths –notably the story of Demeter and Persephone- this same process is shown as the Goddess entering Hekate’s cave to council of the eldest and wisest part of Deity.

31) In the Vangelo Diana asks Primeval Deity how She could reunite with the God –how could Spirit take Matter back into itself?  And the Ancient One, Primeval Deity, the Goddess’ own Higher Self, answered in this way; “To rise You must fall.  To become the greatest of all Goddess’, You must first become a mortal.”  I other words it was not possible for Spirit simply to take Matter back into Herself.  If the Goddess wished to reunite with the God, to be one with Matter and experience it, She had to enter into the physical world.  Only in that way could Goddess and God reunite.

32) And so Diana “fell” –that is to say She descended through the Seven Planes to the Physical.

33) She did this by dividing off parts of Herself –the many souls- which She sent into the Physical, placing them into physical forms.

Seventh Monad

34) Each soul was to lead many lifetimes, going through many physical forms in the process.

35) Reading this now, you are one of the lifetimes of one of those souls, which are part of the great Goddess.  We are Her children, and also children of the God, for our existence is the accomplishment of their union. 

36) The Vangelo describes this process in extremely symbolic terms.  It tells how Diana took the form of a cat (the soul entering into material form) and in this way got close to the God, then resuming Her own form, made passionate love to Him.

37) Then to maintain the Union of Spirt and Matter, the Goddess cast a spell; “She sang a charm, and Her voice was as the buzzing of bees.  And then Diana sat at Her spinning wheel and began to spin the thread of life, and the God turned the wheel.”



Eighth Monad

38) In other words, having placed soul into matter, the Goddess used the power of “sound” –that is Vibration- to set the Universe as we know it into motion.  Energy is what holds all things together, from sub-atomic particles to the very galaxies of stars.  The Vibration of that energy, is movement –sometimes described as “Frequency” –is what makes it work, and determines on what level it works.  The denser or more physical a thing is, the lower its Vibrations or frequency is said to be.  The more spiritual the energy, the higher it’s Vibration becomes.  Vibration is comparable to sound, which can be a powerful magical tool.  For this reason the Vibration of the Universe, at differing frequencies through each of the Seven Planes or spheres, is often described as the Music of the Spheres. 

39) Music and song have long been used in many spiritual traditions as a means of affecting the Vibration of energy.  Sound can be used in this way to disperse negative or unfocused energy, to break down psychic blockages, and to create or affect specific energetic forms.  Sound is a very powerful tool precisely because sound or Vibration is the very force the Goddess used to set the Wheel of Life into motion.

40) Called, the Goddess spinning wheel in the Vangelo dell Streghe, the Wheel of Life is a very ancient concept.  It is represented annually by the sacred Wheel of the Year.  From this Wheel, the Goddess (Spirit) spins the thread of life –i.e., determines it’s nature, qualities, the lessons to be learned and the things to be done and accomplished.   The destiny, if you would.  But the God (Matter or more precisely physical experience) turns the wheel.  As Goddess is the nature of life, the God is the process of living –the movement through the Planes of Existence.  The Goddess is the essential nature of the Universe and life itself, She provides the Divine Spark which animates all things.  But the God carries that spark forward.  The God is Lord of Space and Time – masters of the temporal universe.  In this aspect He is called Lord of the Dance, for He leads the dance of life, facilitating experience and growth. 

41) In this way –their essence originating from the Goddess, their ability to move and to grow originating from the God, the many souls descended to the physical Plane.  The goal of this, as stated above was to experience; to learn and grow.  Having arrived in the physical the souls set out to learn all that the physical Plane could teach them, and then began their ascent back up through the Seven Planes to ultimately rejoin with Goddess, from whence they come.  Each Plane has its own special lessons, which are of great importance to the soul. 

Ninth Monad

42) Though seemly separated from the Goddess, each of these souls remain always attached to Her, always part of Her –for it is through them, as part of them, that Goddess entered into Her own physical creation, the God.  We are one with the Goddess, and our experiences are Her experiences.  We are eternal and immortal as souls, never cut off from Goddess, or Spirit, only differentiated.  All of the powers and abilities of Goddess are within us and at our command, if we can clear our vision enough to see and access them.

43) Descending through the Planes of Existence was like going through a curtain, or Veil.  The Veil obscures our vision of the things above us.  Because of the Veil we forget that we are part of the Goddess, that we are spiritual beings experiencing the physical, and start to think that we are simply physical beings.  As we ascend the Planes, we are highly aware of those Planes which are below us, and perceive them fairly easily.  It is much harder to perceive the Planes above us.  It is hard for us to see or communicate with the higher Planes of consciousness, and easy to imagine that what our eyes perceive is all that exists.  To progress we must part the Veil and see beyond it.  The more we work magically and psychically, the thinner that Veil becomes.  Some people are born with the Veil already very thin – these people are said to be born old.  It may seem that who are Born Old don’t have to work as hard to progress, that psychic and magical skills just come naturally to them.  This is because they have already done the work to develop these skills in previous lifetimes.

44) It is generally said that we are currently on the Mental Plane, able to easily perceive mental, emotional, and physical energies, and that we are –and have long been- in the process of moving into the intuitional Plane, and thus have increasing perception of what we might loosely call psychic matters.  Though we have some perception of the Planes beyond this, it is difficult to see very much of them from our current perception. 

45) Of course as in all things there are a variety of points of view on the subject of the Planes, or Spheres of Existence.  This is the Correllian view: 

46) Wicca perceives the conscious mind as only a small part of a much larger being, originating from and eternally connected to the Mother Goddess.  Our conscious self is normally a reflection of our physical body (1st Dimension), our emotions (2nd Dimension), and our thinking mind (3rd Dimension.)  These three dimensions of our being are said to compose our “Lower Self.”  It should be understood that the term “lower” refers to vibrational frequency, and not any sort of value judgment, as all parts of the being are good and valuable, the lower vibrational frequency, the greater the physical density on this reality.

47) As humans we normally have a natural comprehension of these three aspects of our Lower Self, accepting them without question as an obvious component of our being.  We all know our physical body and its’ reactions.  We feel our emotions, conscious and sub-conscious.  We are all aware of our cognitive and rational facilities.  All of these are within our level of common experience and are known to us, if not always fully understood.

48) Above our level of common experience is our Higher Self, like the Lower Self has three levels of being.  Immediately above our common perception is the “Astral self,” (4th Dimension.)  Also called the “Casual self,” the Astral self is the part of us which determines what things we choose to experience in a given physical life, and what lessons we are trying to learn.  It is from this level that the Higher Self creates the life we are living.  The Astral portion of the Higher Self sets the pattern of life, accepts or rejects every potential event in it, and can make whatever alterations the Higher Self chooses, at any point during the life.  This is one reason it is important to be on good terms with our Higher Self, because by moving in synch with its’ choices we make life a much easier process.  The Astral level, also sometimes called the Intuitional or Buddhic level, is the level that we shift to when we work magic.

49) Above the Astral is the Egoic Self, or Soul (5th Dimension.)  The word Soul is often used to describe the whole Higher Self, but specifically refers to the 5th level of the being.  The Soul is the separate personality of the Higher Self, built up of the total experiences of many, many lifetimes.  All of the benefits of every life lived, the outcome of all lessons learned, the knowledge of all things seen, felt, and done, is retained in the Soul, and gives it its’ special character which is distinct from all other Souls.  The Soul is the organ by which the being grows, the manner in which experience and growth is retained and built upon. 

50) Above the Soul is the Monad.  The term Monad comes from the Greek Monas, meaning “single unit.”  The Monad is the portion of the Soul which is perfect in itself, just as it was when the Goddess divided it off from Herself.  The Monad is a separate portion of the Goddess, but is essentially the same intelligence with no differentiation.  The Monad is individuated but not differentiated from the Goddess, and contains all of the attributes and qualities of the Divine while at the same time being separated unto itself.  The Monad is the motivating force of being. 

51) Because of this the Monad moves always to the good, and is incapable of doing otherwise.  The Monad is a perfect Microcosm of Goddess, and remembers the time of the first creation, when all was One.  The Monad also remembers the reason that it was separated off from the Goddess and because of this has a natural desire to evolve and unfold until it is One with the Goddess again.

52) These three parts form the Higher Self, of which we only become aware through effort.  The Astral self which creates our life as we live it, deciding and arranging all that happens.  The Soul stores all of these experiences and is shaped by them.  And the Monad, the Divine part of us which sought those experiences and revels in them, but which also seeks eventual union with the rest of Deity, and a return to the primordial Oneness.

53) The final level of being, above the Monad, is the Goddess Herself (7th Dimension.)  She is the single Soul of the Universe from whom all others ultimately come, and She is the very center of your being.  All of creation branches off Her, through the medium of the God.  Goddess is the life, God is the living, Goddess is the essence, God is the manifestation.  Every aspect of creation is endowed by both Goddess and God, and all is sentient in the higher levels of its being, if not always in the physical.”

54) We just saw how God fell through the planes of existence then we saw Goddess fell through the planes of existence and we fell through the seven planes of existence.  That Goddess needed us to reunite with the God.   She needed us to experience what She dreamed and desired.  And has called everything living to once again return to Her bosom. 

55) Let us return to the third Monad now that we have a clearer understanding of where it is within our seven planes of existence.  The Monad in which we belong resides within us below the Divine plane of existence and above the Soul. 

56) In the creation of the Monads, Goddess sought to reunite with the God and to experience the wonders of the material world as well as returning the Universe into integrated whole again.

57) In creating the first Monad, Deity tried to understand being physical.  But alas the first Monad was incapable of making practical applications of the collected information, though she understood the information. 

58) In creating the second Monad Deity tried to move forward with the understandings found by the first Monad into more active experience.

59) The Second Monad was to move abstract ideas into useable practical applications, but was bogged down by the first Monad.  Consequently the third Monad called Tritoneira is all about action, and focusing on experience.  It is the third Monad that Goddess’ desires for physical experience is beginning to finally become realized actualized.

60) Tritoneira is all about growth, and expansion she is brilliant, inventive, energetic and hard working.  All that Protoneira had conceived and Deuteroneira had nurtured Tritoneira literally manifested and blossomed. 

61) Tritoneira launches systems into motion that deal with Being.  Once the system is up and running she sets up supportive to further expand the main system. 

62) When Goddess saw that Her first Avatar could not understand active practice.  She created Deuteroneira to assist.  But Protoneira rejected Deuteroneira’s assistance, and fell into an impasse.  Deity created a third Avatar from Herself, Tritoneira, hoping she would take what was conceived and nurtured and move systems into reality. 

63) These Souls are great communicators.  They take others’ systems and ideas and thoroughly understand how to set ideas into motion and highly original approaches to accomplish this task. 

The Tritoneiran Soul can take systems that stump others and find many new applications.  Boiling this Monad personality into one sentence, She forms manifestation in practical terms of which others could only dream.

Note: As you can see most creation related statements were assigned a quatrain numeral for easier referencing as this teaching continues.  Now let us discuss the third Monad cards.

Third Monad Cards

In Chancellor Don Lewis 40th quatrain he states the following:  “Above our level of common experience is our Higher Self, like the Lower Self has three levels of being.  Immediately above our common perception is the “Astral self,” (4th Dimension.)  Also called the “Casual self,” the Astral self is the part of us which determines what things we choose to experience in a given physical life, and what lessons we are trying to learn.  It is from this level that the Higher Self creates the life we are living.  The Astral portion of the Higher Self sets the pattern of life, accepts or rejects every potential event in it, and can make whatever alterations the Higher Self chooses, at any point during the life.  This is one reason it is so important to be on good terms with our Higher Self, because by moving in synch with its’ choices we make life a much easier process.  The Astral level, also sometimes called the Intuitional or Buddhic level, is the level that we shift to when we work magic.”  This is what the Third Monad emphasizes, that all Monads experience all planes of existence. 

Third Monad Tarot Cards


The Lovers

The lovers’ card reveals a high achiever very goal oriented.  This individual is excellent developing important large projects.  At the other end of the spectrum this card can reveal a ruthless opportunist may be in your life, thus it is crucial to keep your eyes open and handle this situation quickly before this person gains any more ground within your life. 

Depending on the cards shown around this card it may show a seemingly agreed bond between two individuals that may be antagonistic toward each other.  Depending on the question, you have decided to have a reunion with someone or group and are willing to accept all its possible consequences, at least for now. 

The Tarot of the Bohemian Deck shows a young man standing at the crossroads where he is deliberating which path to take.  The Marseille nor the Waite, Rider Smith deck does not show this road.  However now you know there is a crossroads in this card’s energy, and now that you know which road will you take? 

The winged being above the two humans; some refer to this winged being as the spirit of justice or a spirit Master Guide helping these two beings become stripped of all things earthly for a moment so that they may gain insight into both perspectives.  The winged being can mean that when two sincere humans communicate with authenticity their efforts birth something new into the world that was created by their harmony.  Some say this is cupid, aiming its arrow right in the back of this very young man.  The 1865 Bohemian Deck then translated later in 1892 by Morton makes it clear this is not a pleasant card but a card of antagonists harshly trying to strongly influence this lad.  This is a card that can give hope, suggesting to come together to discuss things or it can be suggesting to stay away from such drama until both sides can speak with no hidden agendas.   As you can see this card seems to have both the eye of light and the seeds of discontent.

Some interpret this card as one woman represents vice while the other represents virtue.  No matter where humankind is, it never escapes the all seeing-eye.

Regarding the third Monad, this card depicts the first two Monads are sharing what they have discovered, what plans they have created and what they have done relating to the physical world.  This card represents the third Monad taking in good information, all the while knowing there is an arrow at her (the Monad) back and both antagonism and good motives are coming through where she must divide the useful and un-useful information.  This card is for information collecting. 

Notice the three beings form an upward triangle depicting the power within the threefold law and light. 


The Hanged Man

In the Bohemian Deck this man’s hands may be tied behind his back which forms the upside down triangle, with his head the point.  His leg is loosely tied to a gibbet that is resting on two columns.  This card has been described as, “Look what happens to the presumptuous.” Not a pleasant ending.  So this card has both wisdom and fatality.  These two columns show up all through the Tarot, yes another key.  His right leg crosses his left leg thus forming a cross as we have discussed before this leg crossing is in other cards as well.  The two trees are the same columns of life that he must decide which to select; this is also found in the Juggler card and the Lovers’ card where the two women represent these two columns.  It is interesting that the reversed triangle and a cross above it is the alchemical sign of personality or the Hermetic sign for the Rose Cross.

The third Monad enters the physical world with grand expansive moves that is caused by divine expansion that produces a meaningful unfolding, unlocking the barred doors, swinging them wide open just as the world card reflects.  Introduces the concept of Unity, balance and harmony are all completely different yet all unfold the same stellar movement of humankind. 

Notice each tree has markings showing there were six tree limbs that were cut off on each tree.  These absent limbs can have many meanings depending on the question and the cards around it.  Regarding the third Monad these missing limbs mean 12 is reduced to 3 in numerology representing discontentment or unbalance pushes one to consider unity, balance and harmony.  The missing branches served a good purpose and even though they seem they have gone, the golden spirals still glow in our darkest hour and sustain us with their living energy and memory.  One night I took a picture of a tree where a tree limb was cut off.  The marking did not seem fresh.  When we all looked at the picture of this marking where a tree branch once lived in the physical, there on the picture we saw a single golden spiral composed of two lines of lighted streams coming out of the tree and positioned in an angles as if the branch was still there!  It was truly a special night for us to see this.  Try this some time at night and see if this happens to you as well.  The reason why I say it may be best to take pictures of trees at night is so you can see the light against the dark easier, if the Universe allows you to take a peek behind the physical objects.  Remember this card represents the Fool in his transformation.  Regarding the third Monad, there is much more to consider than the obvious to help the world reveal its spirituality, even the missing parts that have been cut away are not really gone. 


The Sun

Tritoneira is most certainly the most determined of all the other Monads, thus the Sun card reflects this characteristic.  Tritoneira is a highly efficient planner, though may move too swiftly where she may ignore rules or make sloppy mistakes.  Tritoneira is usually in an alliance with the forth Monad and second Monad, sometimes taking on their work out of love for them.  The Marseille card shows two boys standing inside a walled enclosure, where the Waite Rider Smith Deck has a toddler that may be either male or female riding a white horse.  Transitioning from the material world to the Divine through Tritoneira is essential to renew the physical body through motion.



Where does judgement fit in?  This card is clearly saying it is our time to jump into the living springs of life and to do that there must be movement. 

The motivator card, this person utilizes communication to reach their goals.  Understanding how words can create motion.  When the astral world sees itself it moves to the next plane through pure spiritual vibrations.  Notice one card everyone is in a box possibly floating on a body of water, while the other card only one individual is inside a box and the other two individuals are standing in a body of water.  Some interpret these boxes as coffins and they are resurrecting to heaven.  Others see this yes as an ascension but more like an awakening that we are all ready to step out of our physical boxes and recognize all this time we have been living in the astral world designing our physical world and now see what we have created there and pulled everything into our tiny physical box.  Now we know we are bigger than what we create, we now know we have never been inside a small physical world but all this while we have been the winged ones flying and creating in the astral and here in the physical.  Now we see our wings, now we see more and will utilize more to create more bridges and rainbows across every sea.  Regarding how this card relates to the third Monad, I think I just did. 


The Devil

In the Waite Rider Smith Deck two humans with tails stand before a seemingly part human male part animal.  In the older cards it is clear that this figure is part human and part animal, yet the decks show this being with breasts, denoting it is both female and male.  The two shackled figures are much more animal than human.  Also notice the Egyptian ankh of Isis hanging from its belt or the symbol of female with the horned god moon above.  As well as a tattoo on each arm, one saying Coagula and one tattoo reading Solve.

The performer is highly adaptable and motivated.  Wildness expressed after one releases oneself from his own shackles.  You see the devil standing on a solid cube, which possibly represents this individual, is more interested in matter over spirit.

With closer inspection we see the Devil’s gesture is the same as the Fool card, but in reversed.  The Fool holds the wand where the Devil lights the wand on fire, which means action. 

The two figures are the same in meaning as the two women in the Lovers’ card, the trees supporting the gibbet in the Hanged Man card and the two columns in every card contains the same meaning, which is, walk through, walk past these columns,

Regarding the third Monad this energy appreciates the wild things in life, all of nature including the human animal, discovering dominion over matter, taking care of nature not trapping or misusing her.  Running wild and free in the forest or across an open field releases appreciation for the natural world filled to the brim with wilderness growing seemingly out of control while the animals enjoy their day running through the forest with you. 

As you gaze on these figures, this Monad is expressing, “What is wrong with this picture?  Why are animals being tied down so that they are not able to run free?  See the leash around their neck?  What in your live is keeping you from running with the wind?  What is it?  Or is this leash a person, or a belief you have about yourself.  The first two Monads trapped their own selves into non-movement, this card is saying, ask what stops you and remove it.  No one can remove your obstructions but you. 

Sometimes this card is called the dragon at the threshold, thus this card says pass by this dragon, take a closer look at this dragon, it is dazed and confused and only receives its strength and power from you.  Unplug and see this energy collapse on its own self. 


Third Stream Cycle

3--Sleepwalking:  Individuals that are in the sleepwalking stage look like they are awake however have a one sided dialog many times when having conversations with others.  They only hear their self and do not listen to the other person in the conversation.  This is why when asked, “What did she say?”  They can only offer general impressions and conclusive statements based on their own thoughts.  Some sleepwalkers do not realize they are behaving badly, toward others, they think they are helping yet in fact they may be harming a situation or they may walk on others not knowing they are truly unkind in the moment.  Locked in their own story and do not realize they have hurt other individuals.  The sleepwalker will never admit wrongs, giving a million reasons why they behaved in such a poor manner to others.  At their best they speak truths yet do not completely understand what they are saying and they know the truth they are espousing is not fully actualized within their own life.  A sleepwalker moving out of this stage strives to integrate into their own lives what they have been taught, so that they will experience, firsthand the truths they hear others share with each other’s experiences.  They begin to become more aware of individuals’ authenticity.

A single attachment may be about something, that needs to be addressed and the way to remove this attachment is to help someone else fulfill their needs.

The seven planes of existence fits nicely with the Monads and Stream Cycles, approaching them from the lowest up:  This cycle heightens the effects of the physical, emotional, mental, astral, Soular or egoic levels.  Through the Monadic and Divine, all the planes of existence and stream cycles are experienced by every Monad. 

Sleepwalkers are not quite there for you, you can tell they are not fully there or listening to you.  Sleepwalkers seem to sustain some memory of their awake moments and begin to realize there is more to life.  Aware of reality but cannot live it fully become life spectators.  They can help others however cannot stay in connection with others for long.  You see what needs to be done, but cannot re-trace the process back to your life map, figuring out the map by the bits of memory.  This is why the Tarot is one on several ways that helps you see your life map. 

Third Stream Cycle Tarot Cards

All the Page cards represent the Sleepwalker Stream Cycle.  All are within their own isolated worlds. 


Page of Swords

The blustering winds are blowing all things awake.  A cluster of birds fly directly over his head representing thoughts that carry everything into manifesting.  The clouds flying across a blue sky depicts conscious thought pushing him to come out of his sleep.  This Dream walking stage is exciting because this is when you become aware there are other states of being or at least begin to get glimmers of other states through thought.  The mountains remind us it takes much time to see there is no time and all things here on this plane are temporal.  This Daydreamer is at water’s edge ready to plug into another wider reality.  Always looking over his shoulder for the unexpected event or illness and if he does not pay attention of where he is going he will find himself inside a rushing river current, maybe waking him before he chooses. 


Page of Wands

The three pyramids show up again on barren land in this card, equating to the third Stream cycle, they are all the same size and are lined up in a perfect line.  Ancient wisdom is next to you, three living things that are ready to be entered yet once again ignored by the Sleep walker.  This Page finds himself in a desolate place because he is still sleeping, but now he begins to see opportunities to awaken.

Lizards adorn this Page’s dress encouraging him to ground and ask, “What do you know?” ask, “What do you have in your own awareness to walk out of this dream?  The red feather of life is attached to his hat which is sitting on his head.  Holding a living wand with both of his hands, he is holding the only seemingly living green thing in his own hands in the desert.  Folks that are in dream they think they are alone. 

Page of Cups

The querent or Sleepwalker sees that something is not right here.  This card shows a fish out of water, looking directly at the Page.  The Sleep walker is now beginning to wake up because he sees things around him that does not make sense any longer to him.  This is one of the first signs of a person realizing he is in a state of dream and sleep and that he sees he is able to push through the dream or veil, or pierce this reality by waking up in this dream, even if it is just for a few seconds in the beginning.  The fish could be conveying, “This is not my home, please allow me to jump into the lively river a mere foot away, just like you.”


Page of Pentacles

The Page of pentacles sees the worth of the physical it has helped us learn so many invaluable lessons while being our movable props as we moved through this physical plane and reality system, that all along was a construct designed by our own dreams.  Now is time to admit this is only one place we live and learn, we arrive here for a few short hours each day while we spend our being outside time in thousands of spaces and places.  Most of our time is spent outside time, not in this reality where we live under one giant yellow flaming star and millions of other points of light.  Now that you know, how will you live?

We are all capable of waking up from the Sleepwalking state, even if it is just in our night dreams.  Why do you think some Wiccans place a pentacle on their altar?  It is a reminder we are just visiting here for a moment and we hold all elements and are spirit.

We are not reading these cards for divination, what happened in the past?  What will happen in the future?  We are reading these cards through the story of the Monads with which one you belong.  We are reading these cards as if reading a life changing story revealing your story and depending on what Monad lens and Stream cycle lens you are seeing through is what you will reveal and receive. 

Third Monad Correspondences

Key Concepts: The Pursuer and the performer

Planet: Jupiter

Virtue: Sincerity

Muse: Erato , the name means  “Beloved” or “The Lovely”  She holds the flowers of love in her hands.  Her parents are Zeus and Mnemosyne.  Muse of erotic poetry.  Possibly a prophetic priestess of the Arcadian Pan.

Animal: Bear

Numeral: Three, individuals at their worst, can be a martyr and or an enabler at their best, they are nurturing individuals.

Chakra: Solar Plexus   (yellow)

Zodiac Signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius


Fourth Monad and Stream Cycle


Now that we have moved through three Soul families or Monads, three Stream Cycles and three Tarot card groups, we are ready to see how each strand works with each other.  At first glance each component seemed to be a separate entity.  Then began to agree with each other; consider each of these three components as a single silver thread, woven into one long strong braid.  Each silver strand on its own is strong and complete, when woven with the others each is still a separate unit forming something new together. 

I wanted to first present to you at least one triad before giving instruction on how to read the Tarot through this Soul Method.  The fourth Monad family will be utilized for this purpose. 

First lay all cards out on a flat surface horizontally that represent a Soul Family you are studying, starting at the lowest numeral to the highest numeral.  For the fourth Monad the card spread used will be the Wands’ ace, through ten and for the Stream Cycle the Magician and Strength cards.  Within the single horizontal line spread will be Ace of wands, the Magician because the numeral 1 is assigned to it as well, two of wands, three of wands, then four, five, six, seven, eight of Wands, the Strength card which  numeral eight is assigned to it also, nine, and lastly ten.

Before you, lay twelve pictures full of symbolism.  In light of what we know regarding the Soul Families and Stream Cycles, we can interpret these cards through this information lens. 

First we ask a question, which is our focus, allowing our vital illumination to rise from each card.  Each card holds both shadow and light.  Each card will be interpreted in its simplest form in the beginning then as we continue to add each card’s energy to our life more life and information will be released to us.  In the doing is where the rest of the information is resting.

Read the spread like you would read a few paragraphs in a story, following in numerical order.  In the fourth Monad like all Monads, you see the evolved components of the Soul family through some of the cards, for this Monad, the Ace of Wands, Magician, two of Wands, three of Wands, four, and six of Wands, eight of Wands, and the Strength card.  Yet remember all cards have light and shadow.  At the opposite spectrum we see the five of Wands, seven of Wands,  nine and ten of Wands depict the lesser evolved, for this Tarot group representing this Soul family. 

The fourth Monad family is Tetroneira.  Tetroneiras tend to fall into delusions and fantasies, loosely holding on to everyday life.  They are highly emotional and aggressive, yet it is they, that have the most sensitive feelings.  Many times a love/hate relationship is developed with the second Monad, this strong attachment shows up often as bitter enemies or resounding affection toward each other.  Ebdomoneira is another strong attachment Tritoneira’s hold.  The fourth Monad needs to be watchful that they do not smother those they care deeply.  This family has the most creativity of all the other Monads.  At their best they strive to enjoy the essence of a relationship.  At their worst they may be a drama queen, setting up situations so their world is defined through over sensitivity and drama.  They set up situations where most folks chose not to be involved for very long, because it is exhausting for most individuals where this kind of drama causes this unevolved individual within this Monad to thrive.  At their best they express themselves like no other; passionate and loving. 

To form a connection and understanding of all the Monads it is imperative to study these from many different angles or perspectives.  Or better said, by Chancellor Don Lewis, “Other ways of looking at the Monad can be more complex and harder to attach: the Monads can be seen as the evolving mindset of the Creator, reflected in the creation, they can be seen as successive waves of creation, they can be seen as the inherent process of creation, and thence As Above So Below as the steps all things go through in manifestation.  All of these concepts are true, but are also rather abstract and thus hard for most people to comprehend let alone feel part of.  And feeling part of your Monad is an important aspect of spiritual development and especially of Karmic disentanglement since as these unfold they require establishing a sense of identity beyond the current lifetime and ultimately even beyond the individual Soul.”

Thus this fourth Monadal family seeks to gain the abstract underpinnings of the relationships between things, to have the ability to create new methods of accomplishing things and processes; installing their understanding of the physical world into practice.

Once Deity saw that the first three Monads moved the physical world forward, Goddess desired to have a deeper understanding of the physical world manifestations that the first three Monads created.  Where the first three approached the world objectively the fourth Monad approached this world subjectively.  Tetroneira looks inward to study and react to external stimuli, which adds richness to experience.  The first three looked outward for understanding and put into practice what they discovered outside themselves.  The fourth Monad was highly responsive and many times too emotional, having difficulty understanding the concept of cause and effect.  Only living in this moment for no consideration of anything else but what is being expressed now.  This Soul family has extreme difficulty changing their minds once an opinion is formed.  And once an opinion is formed they hold on to it forever as they do grudges.  Chancellor Don Lewis states, “Because of this strong reactive element, Tetroneiran Souls tend to be very self-centered.  It is hard for them to gain objectivity in situations.  If they can gain objectivity, then their emotional nature gives them a deep understanding of others’ needs.

Now that the Fourth Monad was described, the fourth Tarot set expresses the following sentences within the Creation Story: Quatrain 16) “Out of Herself, the first Darkness, She divided Herself.  Into Darkness and Light She was divided.  The God, Her brother and son, Herself and Her other Self, was the Light.”  Primeval Deity divided Herself –One became Two.Quatrain 17) All of the physical, tangible, volatile parts of Primeval Deity went into the God, who was the Light.


The Cards

As all know the Tarot may be read in many ways, it can be read intuitively, or they can be read as an Universal story line as the Fool moves through everything under the sun, looking for every answer.  The Tarot may be read through each element, through Ancestors, animals, plants as well as many other ways.  As we have been moving through the Soul Monads, we have been interpreting each card set with each Monad, since the Monad explains every possibility expressed through different Soul families, the Tarot naturally does the same, thus a perfect paring of Universal thought.  

Fourth Monad Tarot Cards


Ace of Wands

“Out of Herself, the first Darkness, She divided Herself.  Into Darkness and Light She was divided.” 

The Ace of Wands can be interpreted as either single mindedness for the good of all or it can mean a self-centered individual that his only thoughts, relates to him.  The hand piercing through the veil on this card is thought pushing into the realm of action. 

When considering each card always ask of self, “Am I behaving this way today?”  What can I do to change shadow into light or at least tame?

In the light of the Ace of Wands, anything I do shall help families for the next twelve generations.  This Monad card glows with the flame of creativity, piercing through the astral so that all new things may enter this reality, and become manifested. 


Two of Wands

“The God, Her brother and son, Herself and Her other Self, was the Light.”  Primeval Deity divided Herself –One became Two.”

One Wand is firmly attached to the wall behind this person, while he places the other Wand on top of a low wall above a tapestry of crossed roses and lilies.  Mountains in the background share serenity and quiet strength.  He gazes over the harbor of life.  It appears this man is holding a globe aloft, considering his life should not just touch his family, that anything he does should reach the entire world someday.  When one became two this world came into being. 

This individual is fully evolved and looking outward, standing high above the developed town below. 


Three of Wands

“All of the physical, tangible, volatile parts of Primeval Deity went into the God, who was the Light.” 

This card like the two of Wands depicts a male once again gazing over the harbor at his fleet of ships with the checker board pattern draped over his shoulders, which is another key that is seen throughout the Waite Rider, Smith Tarot deck.  Depicting creation is formed, through both dark and light.  Answers are found moving through both dark and light.  The dark and light are celebrated everyday through every way.  He wears a simple coronet on his head, representing action follows thought, manifestation, follows action.  He leans on one staff while the other two are firmly planted in the ground.  Meaning he leans on action to produce manifestation.

Once again this male is high above a functional fleet of merchant ships moving outward into the world.  Notice with the Wands’ suit some Wands are brown while others are gold.  In the three of Wands they are gold, meaning this individual has evolved to his apex and have planted his abundance into the entire world that he sees or knows.


Four of Wands

The card seems to be inviting us into this scene, where two joyous figures wave their bouquets of flowers.  This card beckons us to come through the makeshift columns made of living growing staves.  Calling us to pass through the garland decorated Wands that is set up as if  to say all is well with this place you are welcomed and appreciated.  Essentially saying it is us that move toward our love our goal.  This card reflects this Monad is loyal and forever attached to their loves. 



Five of Wands

This card reflects this Monad enters drama with full abandonment, as if it is entertainment; he is reactionary to the nth degree.  Practicing how to fight, he moves into an issue without fully understanding all the actors in the drama. 

One may ask, “If this person is in the process of waking up why is he so reactionary?”  Remember this is just one Monad, yet all Monads have bad and good traits, all have murderers and saints.  This individual has not worked out his issues, interprets everything through his hyper emotionalism.  It is good to have emotions while it is not beneficial for anyone to be hyper emotional because this pushes balance out of the picture which results in chaos, not the good chaos that produces creativity.  Yet as this person becomes more evolved this person will produce creativity like none other. 


Six of Wands

A man riding into town on a beautiful white horse in victory, wearing a victory wreath on his head and displaying another wreath attached to the top of his Wand. 

Horses just like dogs long ago decided to work with humankind.  This man’s partner is his horse, this horse was in the same battles he fought as well.  Horses are intelligent creatures and if they wanted to run away in battle they can, however they know they were trained to run through the flying spears and bullets in battle and are loyal to their soldier.  This card shows a person that is highly delusional thinking only he can save the day on the light side this card can mean a new victory is coming. 


Seven of Wands

This man is taking a stand against those stepping into his space.  He is setting up parameters to protect his territory whatever that may be; physical space, emotional space, creative space, friends or business partners.  This card clearly shows this Monad’s world view.  He is reactionary and wears his emotions on his sleeve.  Always weary of others. 


Eight of Wands

From out of no-where this person is trying to find out where his troubles are originating.  Asking, “How can I take this information and make a new way to formulate this process that benefits everyone?”  This Monad only sees his point of view, no matter how many facts or life lines are thrown at him.  On the dark side he thinks these are spears being thrown at him.  On the light side he thinks these Wands are here to help him.  Out of nowhere came answers, came help for his dilemma. 


Nine of Wands

On the light side, battered and wounded, this male has everything orderly, but thinking to self, “Was it worth the wounding to accomplish this, to win this battle?”  This Monad personality feels deeply wounded; even though he worked incredibly hard to give of himself in every way. The dark side he approaches life with distrust and hurt, he holds onto the last Wand gripping with both hands.  Not willing to release his last vestige of one of his grudges.  He even knows exactly where to plant his Wand in the line of Wands he has already released.  You can just hear him think, “Just one more grudge to release becoming completely unburdened and processing clean hands, just one more!”  This is truly a card of an individual waking up.  One may say, “Shouldn’t waking up be pleasant?”  Not necessarily, can you remember the times in your life that when the light bulb turned on was inside chaos or troubles?  That things that were hidden came to light inside crises? 


Ten of Wands

This strong man that gets the job done is the light side of this card.  Shadow side, this Monad thinks if he does not do the task it will never be done right.  Only he can do it right.  He may think to himself, “Why am I the person that ends up doing everything?”  Yet deeper he loves being the sole provider and the hardest worker in town.  Regarding personality this individual’s world view shows up here as well as the five, seven, and the nine of Wands cards.  Looking for instances that proves his belief system that says, it is “me against them” world view or everyone is perceived as a combatant and react to this false conclusion which turns it into a truth that supports his belief, thus round and round this individual goes, until hopefully one day he looks up and sees the world with new eyes of the Magician.

Fourth Stream Cycle-Awakening:

This cycle brings a major shift and ability to see others that are awakening too.  Might not be able to get up and connect to other folks yet, yet never the less this person sees that they themselves are rising from a deep sleep and is excited that others are doing the same.  Many of these folks will never acknowledge what you are saying or look at you eye to eye.  See the other person as authentic and acknowledge each other; choosing to totally becoming present to another, might still be tired and not sure or comfortable with being awake.  Explore with others, learning together is this stream.

Some are moving into a higher state of consciousness, these people will tend to feel distant at times because they are busy with their work and many times they do not like answering questions.  When you are aware you are dealing with an individual within this cycle, know they are working on their own challenges, so give them space.  Because you will be in this space soon or already have.  Think of it this way the first few minutes for most of us we tend to need a few minutes to wake up from a night’s sleep, to be able to see clearly and think clearly.  Some need a stiff cup of coffee to shake off their sleepiness.  Or just need a few minutes to shake off their pain.  Well this is what happens to an individual that has moved to the next step of awareness through journeys, dreams, meditations, or explorations through drums, dance, songs, self-work, and the like. 

If you run across an individual like this just be gentle and give them their space.  Many go in and out of this cycle until they know how to control this cycle.  We should be conscious of what we are doing. 

Because everyone experiences their own consciousness differently and lives inside a Monad family and live in a culture that may or may not celebrate becoming more aware, not to mention everyday stresses in one’s life from time to time.  Everyone arrives where they have striven to go, no less or no more.  Everyone experiences his life in vastly different ways.  So this is why I do not like to give a list of what to expect as you move through each cycle.  Plus there may be times you will skip several cycles and jump around.  It may seem you are jumping, but in reality you are just jumping into the other cycles between breaths or twinkling of an eye.  A millisecond away in another cycle, spending possibly an entire life time in an alternative reality, however you feel and have no or little memory of your work over there.  However the benefits of your work over there are brought to floriation here in this life; until you can remember. 

Fourth Stream Cycle Tarot Cards


Strength-8 (11 in older cards)

This woman, dressed in an apron made of live roses she bends to gently close the lion’s mouth.  Wreath on her head and the infinity sign over her head as well.  She walks with her lion on a barren road with a single mountain in the background.  Her riches are found in her love for cats and animals.  She represents adaptability to a situation is encouraged in this card, confidence in taming the beast.  The strength card reveals true strength has nothing to do with force or power struggles.  A refined quality of beauty bows to the beast, or the courage to run to the beast is where true strength lies, which unleashes real power that changes our life.  Inner strength is a true help causing your inner core’s vitality to increase.  Sometimes called the lust card, which is a card that reminds us that lust shows up in many forms.  This card is assigned 11 which is a master number and reduces to 2 which is the High Priestess Card.  Inner strength is a skill, goal and by-product, all at the same time.  Notice this female is closing the mouth of strength through gentleness.  A side note, the Marseille Deck shows this woman closing the lion’s mouth, the opposite of the Waite, Rider Deck depiction.


The Magician-1

(In older decks this card is called the Juggler)

The Magician seems to have it all four suits of the Tarot, wands, pentacles, cups and swords.  Holding a wand high in the air just like the last card of the Tarot, the World Card.  This card connect all elements so that all may be connected to the Source through any state, any change of perspective changes your life. 

Initiate everyday by creating beautiful moments that confirm your life. 

All resources are in place ready to use, harnessing your energy; magic is being able to change on the inside, which changes the world on the outside.  Macrocosmically vs microcosmically, we are a channel of Source, pulling this energy to earth.  Lifting one hand to the sky, while pointing to the earth with the other hand, reinforces the precept “As above so Below.”  The infinity sign is worn over his head like all of us, meaning you are infinity.  Key word: Resources

Our attention is the point of awareness this is where we begin every day.  We learn the object of our attention, we learn where we place our attention is our magical focus beginning. The snake eating its own tail means in relation to the Monad reading, beginnings are false constructs and so are endings.  We live in the very center of infinity thus depicted by the infinity symbol over the Magician’s crowned head.  This person is in the process of waking up ready to pick up all his tools which are resting on the altar before him.  In the process of finding beauty in others and in nature we soon see there is where real strength resides.  His hand gestures of one reaching for the sky and the other toward the ground is found many times through the deck.  One gesture on this card means the same thing in different circumstances; one hand up and one hand down.  In balance comes fruit of your focus.  All action produces manifestation.  As Above So Below.  The cards that depict this body formation are the two of Pentacles, the six of Swords, the nine of Pentacles, the Devil Card, the seven of Clubs, the three of Cups, four of Wands, not to mention the Magician which totals eight cards. 

After reading these cards in numerical order, you can also glean much information starting at the highest numeral and move downward.  Also one may simply shuffle this small group of cards and discover every answer to your questions relating to this soul family. 

Key Phrase: Leap of Faith.  You are the faith you are the leap. 

Monad Correspondences

Fourth Monad: Tetroneira

Key Concepts: Develop and the Romanic

Fourth Stream Cycle: Moments before Waking

Numeral: Four: The Romanic

Planet: Saturn

Virtue: Courage

Muse: Euterpe

Animals: Eagle

Chakra: Heart (Green) (Zodiac signs: Aquarius, Gemini and Libra)


Fifth Monad and Stream Cycle


The fifth Monad is Pemptoneira.  Tetroneira studied the nature and the relationship between all the three previous Monads.  Where the first three worked on applying the knowledge they gathered to the patterns they observed in physical existence.  While the first three Monads were identifying patterns in physical reality the fourth Monad was studying them, observing the patterns they were creating with their interactions with each other.  In other words studying patterns to see what develops from the process of creating patterns.  Though she tried she could only embrace the process of reaction.  Though the fourth Monad, she did gain some knowledge on patterns, she was too close to the situation to see clearly; to isolate and study the patterns themselves.  Deity then knew She needed to create a fifth Monad to focus on studying patterns, now between four Monads.  You see Tetroneira only desired to experience the patterns by the first three Monads in the physical; whereby Pemptoneira wanted to study these patterns to be able to cause deliberate manifestation.  We now see a pattern developing here as we talk about patterns.  The first Monad studied patterns of being, the second Monad followed her by utilizing these patterns through practical application.  Then when the fourth Monad showed up, she studied patterns in an interactive manner, and the fifth Monad fallowed and developed ways to practically utilize them.  Where Tetroneira was subjective, the fifth Monad wanted to understand all of existence.  The relationship between things is important to the fifth Monad when studying all facets of life. 

The primary task of a Pemptoneira Family is to create systems that are practical.  Creating systems with which relationships between things may be seen as creative pattern threads to bring good.  Utilizing cause and effect and understanding it can work both ways.  Seeing the effect can cause another effect which changes the first effect into a cause. 

Many of the Fifth Monad family are scholarly to some extent, constantly reading or attending classes.  The key phrase for this family is “To Study.”


Ace of Cups

“The God exploded into existence out of Primeval Deity in a shower of spark and flame which we remember as the Big Bang, the starting point of physical creation.”

This card measures our emotional honesty.  This card represents divine Love.  Do you see the white peace dove coming from above in your live?  Notice the peace dove holding a circle with her peak.  Some think this circle is a communion host otherwise referred to as the Eucharist’s host, while others chose to believe this is the elemental cardinal point or a representation of a medicine wheel symbol.  Many Traditions share many symbols that are drawn the same, though they share the symbol the meaning is completely different.  Just because a culture or pantheon utilized a symbol first does not stop any other culture, Tradition or pantheon to incorporate the same or similar symbol and install a different meaning that lines up with their beliefs and sensibilities.  Not to mention there are those times in the distant past that two or more cultures that lived on opposite ends of the globe created the same symbols.  Once transportation started to be more developed to travel farer across the long seas of the world, the human race quickly compared their symbols and from that moment forward cultures began to communicate what their symbols meant to those outside their culture and most acknowledged the differences and similarities.

Looking at the Ace of Cups we see the Goddess’ hand piercing through a water mist cloud holding a medal wine chalice. Pouring out of this large chalice are five slim water fountains possibly representing human’s five senses.  These fountains can also mean the five points of life found within the pentacle, or the fifth stream cycle of consciousness.  How appropriate, five points of life introduced in the Tarot sometimes referred to as the Book of Life.  Every path leads to the water.  The hand is obviously presenting this to humankind, saying, “This is for you, this is your path, this is your beginning, this is your support, this is your destination, this is your mission, this is you, this is this, this is.

Notice all the movement within the Ace of Cups.  The white dove is flying downward into the chalice, the five fountains quietly pouring their streams into the water below.  The cloud with which the Goddess’ hand is revealed moves, because that what clouds do, they move.  See the tiny raindrop shapes seemingly falling from the cup.  There has been so many different interpretation regarding these 26 falling drops, the tears of Goddess when God went away for a time, all your tears, they can represent in symbol all the Monads or Souls that sprang forth from the Goddess, thus falling into the planes of existence.  They can be seen as representing all the lives you are living now within your Monad.  So everything is moving, the hand, mist, dove, raindrop like objects, the fountains, the water lilies below, the water below.  So one of the big take away here, is movement. 

Speaking about water lilies, they are the symbol of enlightenment one of the more potent meanings this flower has is changeability.  The water lily is planted through movement of the undercurrents of the water, it then is somewhat covered with rich soil on the bottom of the river or pond.  The water lily sprouts and begins to move toward the Sun, once it grows past the water’s surface it breathes the air and is sustained by the Sun.  Each night it returns to under the water’s surface and springs back into the full sun light and clean air the next day. 

This card like most cards asks questions, reveals what is going on under the surface of a situation, and above the surface, gives suggestions and outcomes if you take the suggestions.  Specifically the Ace of Cups’ main meaning is related to emotions, love or friendships or partnerships.  Communication is another broad stroke here, asking questions, how do you communicate and how do you receive communication from others or for that fact animals, nature Herself?  I like what my husband says in essence, “I never noticed all the animals around me until I started noticing the animals around me.”  This card is a water sign so how are you communicating with the water sign, Individuals which are Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer individuals?  Or this card may be saying, “Pay attention how the water signs communicate or just pay attention to these folks because they will show you how they approach patterns.  The same is true when any of the other astrology signs represented by an Ace  shows up, it is saying paying attention how they communicate or how they accomplish tasks within their lives, thus a wealth of good knowledge there.

Since this is such a big love card.  Let us talk about love a little. 

Love is a catalyst, to start a new life. 

Love chooses us.

As we receive love try to send it back out into the world or at least the community with which you are receiving love. 

Love gives with no conditions. 

Love is received through active gratefulness. 

Love fulfills all our potential. 

Love is not one sided, thus love is shared. 

Love is motive.

Every seen and unseen action is taken by either love, pain or fear, choose love. 

Love is a binding energy.

Love flourishes outside bitterness and anger. 

Love flourishes outside un-forgiveness, but then again so does everything good.

 Love is a blessing that produces more blessings.

In other words, love produces more love. 

Love is a path, destination, place, Being and action word.

Love is a garden that flourishes when fed, watered and found in the right place under the Sun.

Pure Love is not completely realized yet, it is still bigger and deeper than any human imagines. Soon all those that reside in this quiet garden will embrace a new love that has been pouring over humankind since these planets began to move. 

Some ridicule love and the statement, “Love is the answer.”  What if this is a sound truth to be applied over wars, over humanity, is it worth trying?

 Love is actionable strength. 

Love is trying to understand another.

Love is protecting your life’s missions. 

The hand of Goddess gives you an over flowing love. 

Returning to the card, these five streams can also move upward into the cup from the water below.  Meaning there are more answers or approaches than just one way.

As each Monad soul family entered this physical plane, it had a major mission to bring forward evolution through co-operation.  Thus it is up to you to enter into this world to find out which Monad that you belong and mission to push forward.  Most growth is a by-product of love or close relationships or long lasting relationships which all go through renewal. The Ace of Cups loudly pronounces this heart renewal.  Our loving heart is a wide open gate to the Divine.This card says, “You are highly valued, you are respected and have been ready to expand your mission as well as your social circle.  This card tells of a new happier life for you if you discover your family soul or not, if you find your mission or not.  Why?  You are already working within your mission within your Monad, within Deity.  Either way, you are already in the very center of Goddess’ heart and purpose. 


Two of Cups

“All of the spiritual, ethereal, eternal parts of Primeval Deity remained in the Goddess.  In this sense Goddess is thought of as a continuation of Primeval Deity, since the consciousness of Primeval Deity is one of the Spiritual parts that remained with Her.”   Don Lewis

Looking at this card we see a communion, loyalty and emotional commitment are key words for this card relating to this Monad.  This is one of the twelve cards of the Tarot that presents a simple stage, yes there is a scene, but with closer inspection you clearly see some of the symbols are standing on a stage, very delineated from the rest of the story scene.  This stage can mean that this event happening in your life is not all what it seems on the surface but just actors acting out your constant thoughts.  Or this stage may mean that you are finally realizing that the time between lives you live are becoming shorter that they are beginning to be seen as one long life, thus slowly becoming Thetan.  The rainbow that bridges all your lives is becoming shorter and shorter, or physical life all are in a role, within a Monad. 

The Caduceus and the staff of Hermes represent health and divine power.  The red lion’s head is an Egyptian symbol for the Sun.  Notice a small white house in the far background with a red roof which is the same house of the 10 of cups card.  This can be paired with the lover’s card.  This card represents your comfort zone, be happy in the simple pleasures of life. 


Three of Cups

This card reflects that the fifth Monad fully embraces most experiences and gives their entire heart to the relationship or experience.  This is a reunion, celebration of a long season of work.  It is time to harvest your crop that you so loving tended. Your challenge may be how to solve an issue in your life through community, since the main theme of this card is friendship; thus accomplishment with others. Pumpkins and grapes are both vined fruits, showing our intertwining connections. 


Four of Cups

Monadaly speaking this card represents the Fifth Monad family is not primarily interested in the effects of cause and effects.  They are more interested in pondering about the cause of a situation.  They are interested in the back story, the reasons why something happened.  Not that they think effect is not important it is just that they do not start there when evaluating an issue or subject; possibly caught up in self turmoil, stuck in your head, when considering an issue or event. 

Because this is a card of stagnation, see how the Ace of Cups shows up to deliver opportunities for this individual.  Apparently the hand of Goddess delivered the same opportunity three times previously and this individual refuses to take direction or opportunity, refusing to look up and see his help. 

This individual is seated on a hill with crossed arms and crossed legs, which means he is in deep meditation, because of the two crossings.


Five of Cups

Focusing on the numeral five in this card, at their worst they are skeptical bitter individuals at their best they are exciting explorers of the unknown.  Not afraid to enter uncharted waters, but can be a bit of a loner at times.  This card expresses that this figure is not looking at the entire picture, the entire issue.  Thinking “All is lost.”  The three cups that lay on their sides were once full.  He is not far from home because you can see his home across the lively river.  He is not trapped because the Universe has supplied a bridge for him to cross to the other side.  Some say he is sad because a friend tried to poison him.  Notice on the ground the first cup poured purple wine, one cup spilled red wine and lastly one cup poured a green wine onto the ground.  There is no wine that is green as of this date.  This individual is taking a moment to consider what he has lost as he wears a black cloak to give him comfort as if in mourning.  Notice he has a hallo around his head and upper body, yet know this halo is not in the original drawings. 


Six of Cups

Monad wise, this card reflects this soul family forms long relationships that can last a life time.  Visiting the past or an old friend is returning into your life.  Do not overlook your inner child.  Pay attention to patterns in your life, by looking back.  This card also means if you have waited to step into a new activity, now is the time.  Sharing is the obvious meaning of this card, but then again sharing what?  Is he sharing the white Lilies?  Is he celebrating simplicity, or friendship or kindness?


Seven of Cups

For the fifth Monad in relation to the Seven of Cups, these folks are incredibly curious and their main research tool is study.  Interpreting this card through this Monad family, this individual is studying all patterns in all things.  This person may be over indulging which only makes his depression worse.  Or this card may mean stagnation, and it is a struggle to choose your lives priorities.  This seems to have a positive vs negativity tone to its energies.



Eight of Cups

This Monad person often is aloof and not fully connected to his experiences.  Constantly changes his relations or attachments to fit his changed understanding at the moment.  This card says, time to move on in your life, and embrace a new opportunity, going on a quest.  Follow your instincts, if you have never followed your instincts now is a good time to begin.  This individual may need to turn around and make a few decisions before moving on to a new location or new venture or life. 



Nine of Cups

The fifth Monad is completely satisfied in knowing he has studied a subject or experience and is happy he understands its concepts.

This is a happy card it shows you are able to express yourself in your work, family and friends.  Nine is the number of completion and introspection.  When we are willing to be our true self we then will see much more success.  Nines seek the Higher-self.  Sometimes this card is referred to the wish card.  And this card can be used when asking a yes no question, which this card’s answer is, “Yes.”.  This card shows a man proud of his achievement.


Ten of Cups

“And the God spread out in all directions through the primordial void, a blaze of light and superheated matter.”

This card depicts a positive outcome.  The happily ever after card does not come in without consistent work.  This is a card of completion.  If there is a key word for this card is gratitude, contentment with our life.  Health and finances are good for you.  Here you find the rainbow where all life is good, long term success, long life.  You have done the work and have lasting success.   Even though the numeral is ten here, the value is one.  So you can even add more insight by pulling all the other cards that their value is one.  Pull all the aces, the Magician, and the Wheel of Fortune, to help pull in even more regeneration, beauty or contentment into your life.

A bridge between heaven and earth is the rainbow. 

Fifth Stream Cycle

The fifth stream cycle is called Connection / Activation.  This stage is realizing we are awake to self.  Have the ability to act.  We can see different perspectives and see their cause and effect.  They move beyond their own interests and work with others for humanities’ evolution and survival.  Pure cooperation lives inside this Stream Cycle, effectively managing your own challenges by stretching your prospective and process, as well as sound wisdom. 

Fifth Stream Cycle Cards

You have a choice to wake up.  If still struggling with the “no other” concept or still dealing with an oversized ego, self-importance or strong attachments, these will find this person outside choice to wake up.  The do have the choice they just do not see it as theirs yet. 



The Star-17

“In time His fire would cool into stars, and from stars to Planets.”

Increase in a positive reputation, or someone coming into your life reminding you to uplift others.  Stay the course, yet now you understand living in both worlds. 

Eight seven pointed stars shine above this woman’s head, reminding us of our history.  This woman is willing to pour out all of yourself to enter the Holy of holies, a complete willingness to give yourself and the world this renewal.  Completely willing to pour out all fear based behavior.  The sea of stars shining over this pond is a reflection of your radiant ancient light.  Surrendering all un-forgiveness produces light and generosity.  All this on this earth all things in the cosmos are made from stars.  To be clear the light is us. 



“And when Diana saw that the light was so beautiful, the light which was Her other half, her brother the God, She yearned for it with exceeding great desire.  Wishing to receive the light again into Her darkness, to swallow it up in rapture, in delight, She trembled with desire.  And this trembling was the first dawn.”

We see this winged woman pouring oil, from one chalice into another chalice while depicting an unnatural or impossible way to pour oil.  This depicts the transformational space between each breath, between space, between you and I, between one event and the next, one stage of life to the next.  You see she wears the symbol of the sun on her forehead, as the sun shines brightly behind her.  You can’t help but notice the Temperance card has the same energies as the Star card.  This is the same winged being found in the Judgement card, and the Lovers’ card. 

Once you know your true nature, now what will you do with this truth?   When we love something our love is what will grow our clear life.  If this is too big a notion then simply allow self to truly see yourself, giving compassion to your-self this too is a star.  To temper a sword one passes the blade through the fire before plunging the blade into the water making the blade stronger.  Are you stronger?



Taking time to work on a project by yourself; this card expresses walking alone through life as you share your light in a quiet humble manner.  Look closer at the Hermit’s light, inside is a brightly lighted star.  Do not make your belief systems become too rigid, because you will find yourself alone.  If you like being alone this is fine, if you do not then consider seeing things through gray shades instead of just black and white.  Consider practicing mediations today so that you may shine the star light on your life.  The Hermit is ready to overcome fear based thought, once moving forward you cannot hesitate, keep moving forward when entering the underworld.  Yet know if you are at the Hermit level you are completely equipped.  This trip is beyond knowledge, beyond material, standing only on your light, holding your star lamp.

Fifth Monad Correspondences

Key Concept: Study and the thinker.  To Study.

Fifth Stream Cycle: Awakening

Planet: Mercury

Virtue: Service 

Muse: Melpomene

Animals: Owl

Stone: Limestone

Chakra: Throat (blue)

Numeral: Five (Pente) Five is about mind power, improving situations through intelligence.  Five rules Media, travel, communications and education. 


Sixth Monad and Stream Cycle


It would be a good time to pull the following cards and place them before you so as each Monadal characteristic is conveyed, you can be studying each card which gives its own perspective of each concept being presented.  The Tarot cards for the sixth Monad are: the Ace of Pentacles, the two of Pentacles, three of Pentacles four of Pentacles five of Pentacles, six of Pentacles, seven of Pentacles eight of Pentacles nine of Pentacles, and the ten of Pentacles. Every card within this Monad group, like every other Monad Tarot group, conveys every characteristic of this specific Monad.  When you are studying each card in the light of this

information you can see there are differences within a single human characteristic.  I will give you an example.  Let us take the single human characteristic being over emotional.  Now let us place this way of being into different situations.  An over emotional person may enter a business meeting emotional which causes him to be loud and insensitive to the other perspectives within the room.  Now let us put the overly emotional person in a football game, naturally his emotions will show up differently.  Let us say he enters his home and he is having an argument with his wife and his over emotions this time shuts him completely down to the point he does not speak.  This is a single person exhibiting behavior out of a single human characteristic.  We can take three individuals with the same over emotion and now the way it shows up and expressed grows easily expotentionally.  This is the reason why each Tarot card set represents all characteristics within a single Monad assigned to these cards.  Another way of saying this is each card within this Monad set represents everything regarding this Monad.   

Now let us move to the sixth Monad called Ektoneira; the fifth Monad studied the physical through the lens of relationships and causes.  Deity made the decision to utilize this knowledge and apply it to the world in practical terms.  Don Lewis describes this transition as follows:  “…the objectivity which gave Pemptoneira enough distance to understand these things made it impossible for her to make the best use of that knowledge.  Pemptoneira was by nature aloof, an observer created to study at a distance, she could not engage enough to apply the knowledge she had gained.”  Where the first Monad sought to understand patterns, the second Monad sought to apply those understanding and the third Monad sought to put those applications into practice, the fourth Monad sought to understand relationships, the fifth Monad sought to analyze relationships and now the sixth Monad Ektoneira seeks to put this relationship knowledge into practice.  Back to Don Lewis teaching, “Each new Monad was a microcosm of Deity at the moment of its creation.  As each Monad went forward Deity experienced the physical through them, and She was changed.  The experiences of each Monad changed the perspective of Deity, causing Her to create the next Monad based upon the needs of its predecessors.  In addition, the creation of each successive Monad affected its predecessors through interaction, creating a progressively evolving experience of existence.

          In creating Ektoneira, Deity combined the subjectivity of Tetroneira and the objectivity of Pemptoneira in an attempt to achieve balance.”  The sixth Monad is a relationship scientist, creating positive relations by improving the patterns.  The sixth Monad is mostly concerned with application.

          The sixth family Soul is protective, nurturing and loving.  Many in her family places their relationships above their own life and needs, to the point of self-sacrifice.  The sixth Monad enjoys creating a tranquil safe place for those she loves.  She needs harmony and peace in her life.  Don Lewis goes on to say, “Ektoneira has definite expectations of her relationships and can be quite upset when these expectations are not realized.  Ektoneira tends to ignore individual considerations because of her expectation of specific patterns.  When cause and effect do not follow as she anticipates, she is all too likely to blame the situation rather than reassess her expectations.  Her protectiveness can become paranoia and sometimes smothers the very things she loves and seeks to protect.”

This Monad was created to instill experiences and lessons through the precept of humility vs ability.  This Monad family at their deepest level understands the importance of being fully awake to others’ needs which causes the one that was helped by them to understand they too give to another in need.  When one individual receives a blessing and shares with another, causes a lighted long chain reaction so that many are blessed in time.  Just one sharing makes a meaningful difference for this unbroken chain.  It is everyone’s mission to give blessings to those in need as well as living in gratitude of what we have received.  If an individual only receives and almost never gives outwardly, this will cause imbalance within our life.  Experiences and supportive energies flow toward us every day by our design.  In turn we freely emanate or give our experiences and supportive energies outwardly to others, completing this unbroken chain.

This Monad at its highest evolving understands the benefits of giving outwardly and thankfully receiving in balance with what we have designed.  Let us consider another cycle, knowledge received then knowledge applied produces more knowledge.  If meaningful knowledge is received and is not applied it is meaningless.  Another way to say this in positive terms, all knowledge is meaningful when applied to one’s life and given away to others.  We can say the same thing about skills or things, all skills earned or things received are meaningful and grow when applied to one’s life and given away to others in need.  Growth is in the giving. 

When I say the term give to others I am referring to humans, all other animals, plants, the land, good causes, and the like.  Giving blessings be it giving things, time, helping relationships or giving knowledge empowers both the giver and receiver, both grow, both learn.  Reciprocating everything moving forward or backward to gain a strong energy movement, nourishes this hoop of life.

This practical Monad family is excellent in making efficient plans that move a goal or project forward and then to its completion in a relatively good time span.  They work well with others that also know how to practically finish a project

These folks do not run away from change, they are able to embrace change knowing something new always arrives in change. 

On the most part they are all business, all about the task at hand.  They seem to convey by their behavior that they do not have time to play games they want to get to the core of the issue and get the job done.  This family has no problem finding their niche within a larger community.  They understand what it means and they see the practical importance of helping humanity.  They see and desire to connect to the global family.  They can take care of them-self and their needs, quite nicely while working with others for a greater good for humanity.  This Monad family understands all positive information learned is integrated into the complete community before knowledge can be both practical and transformative. 







Sixth Monad Tarot Cards


Ace of Pentacles

This card presents quick intelligence, and prosperity.  Perfect contentment leads to helping others.  The physical and world, material are within this card and opportunities given to the quarent.  This card represents longevity.  If one walks on the path shown here within this scene will give peace of mind.  The beginning of a big opportunity or deepen the work you are currently developing.  The scene here is a beautiful path and a hedge of roses and lilies.  Notice these two flowers are companions throughout the Waite, Rider, Smith deck.  Pull all the cards that have these two flowers to reveal a story line or many story lines.  All the aces represents many blessings are poured over you.  Genuine effort is required to earn genuine fruits it is us that completes each task producing positive outcomes. 


Two of Pentacles

Creations are spawned from joy.  This can mean messages are being presented to you through the process of balancing your life.  The two of Pentacles says balancing life is giving and receiving.  This person cannot take on anything else.  Drop an endeavor so that you can spend more time with individuals that love you.  Multitasking is a good talent however your health may be affected if you continue in this manner.  Reorganize your life so your energy may return.  The two of pentacles represent two opportunities are being enjoyed because he is happily dancing.  Life many times will give you choices.  Water in Tarot is the conscious mind there is turbulence because the sea behind him is turbulent.  The tall red hat on this man’s head depicts agility and alertness.  Then we see the infinity sign in the center of the card, the largest object in the scene.  Manage your life on purpose in balance, keeping energies going out and coming in.      


Three of Pentacles

Usually known as a noble card, a person is or will be renowned, or a master skill or trade.  This card reflects team work brings success.  The team is composed of individuals with completely different life perspectives and training.  In the scene you see a Monk, architect and an artist all collaborating on a single task at hand, thus good communication brings order.  Notice the rose cross above them representing an old community is honored as they build something new.  Everyone brings something to the table ensuring achievement of stage one.  This card depicts everyone on the team should work to their fullest abilities.  Are you making an investment in your house, in your life in another? 


Four of Pentacles

Holding tightly to what is his, be it his inheritance, his legacy, his physical things.  This card is holding materials with in his life.  This individual withholds information or denies access.  Not sharing his thoughts or over sharing.  This card may indicate a hoarder of things or grieving over something for a very long time.  This person needs to understand how to let go of the past.  Too focused on money keeps one stuck.  There are more things in life than earning money worth is just not measured financially.   

The numeral four represents a firm foundation, however though there is no denying this individual knows sound money management which is important as well. 


Five of Pentacles

Card of love or friendship by some cartomancists, it represents the husband and wife or lovers’ affinities.  In lack is the possibility of love will rescue this couple.  This card says the reason why one does not want a partner or the reason why one decides to have a partner.  A risk of becoming dependent or forever staying an eternal victim.  This card may reveal there is a wounding coming into your life however your help will be instant.  Questions may be, “Are you feeling that you have been left out in the cold?”  A sign of leprosy is around this man’s neck which is a bell.  Showing he has been completely rejected by society.  This couple is not connected to any group.  Or you may hope to have a relationship with a particular individual however this person is not interested in a relationship. 

The numeral five reflects embracing change which sounds like this Monad. 


Six of Pentacles

Giving attention, giving practical help, is a blessing to others.  This card is generosity personified with wisdom.  Is it time to ask for help?  The man on the right side of the generous man giving is holding the resources book you can see it in his pocket. 

The six of Pentacles asks, do you give in fairness and sound judgement receiving and giving what everyone deserves?  Which is an immensely difficult question.  This card shows this Monad’s cycle of giving and receiving keeps one in balance.  Our work is restoring balance.  


Seven of Pentacles

The farmer card is said to be a contradictory card, giving two opposites at the same time.  He seems to have a bumper crop however his face shows the opposite.  Is there an altercation over this crop?  Is he afraid to be successful?  Does he want to harvest what he has planted and carefully grown?  Does he realize it takes more than just growing a crop, does he have what it takes to keep this crop maintained? 

The seven of Pentacles is appraisal of the subject at hand.  Expect a return on investments, pondering on all his efforts or self-development.  This man is deciding which project to pick next.  He is holding a shovel stuck deep in the ground.  A gardener usually uses a shovel to remove over growth around the pentacle bush.  The pentacle at his feet has not been picked or it would be lying flat on the ground.  This coin is still attached to a vine, which is why it appears to be standing upright.  Are you working hard?  Be thankful for your harvest be happy with what you now have.  Continue cultivating your own crop. 


Eight of Pentacles

The eight of Pentacles is craftsmanship, employment, a possible learning stage   We see a young man is focused on his word creating a pentacle by hand as the disk is leaning on a simple red brick.  He sits on a simple bench under a clear sky.  Another pentacle leans against the wooden bench he is sitting upon, as the other five pentacles have been installed in a vertical line on a wall or post.  Notice three of the disks are perfectly one third over the post, while the two top pentacles are halfway off the post.  It seems like an illusion that all are lined up under each other and that the pentacles are in the same place on the disk, but never the less with closer inspection this is an eye illusion.  Lastly one is lying flat on the ground, half way under his bench.  Then in the distant background we find a walled castle with a very obvious arch and path leading into the community.

This card represents diligence, artists, contractors, the  self-employed, or those that like to work alone; a person hammering out details within all his relationships.  This is a time of hard word, taking extra thoughtful steps brings success.  Take a look on how you earn your success do you think you are entitled or do you know how to apply what you know?  The key word here is effort.  This is also a card of studies.  Just by looking at the card on its surface it is showing an artist creating the same thing over and over, highlighting it takes repetition to master a skill. 


Nine of Pentacles

Discernment and prudence are found in this card.  We see a beautiful woman dressed in a trained robe, holding a trained falcon with a glove covered hand.  This falcon is wearing a hood over his head, while an ungloved hand is resting on one of the nine pentacles, all behind her.  She stands in front of a lush bounty of grapes ready to be harvested.  Her columns are created by the two fence posts and two living trees flanking her.  Notice the snail crawling past her depicting leadership recognition and showcasing your abilities can be a slow go at times.  This card says this is an amazing stage of your life, meaning you will be promoted because you are a team player.  Self-satisfaction and self-reliance is yours, always involved with self-improvement while being happy with your-self.  It is time to enjoy your bounty and share with others. 

The numeral nine means completion the red on her gown confirms her full action in living.  She enjoys her success of the material world because she enjoys being a practical business woman; a strong sense of self-balancing the inner world with the outer world.



Ten of Pentacles

In relation to this Monad, the ten of pentacles depicts happily entering into a new situation.  It may be a new life, new friends, new gains, or removing something from your life so that you may pass the archway to receive something new.  I know this card is read at times as the two dogs are attacking the seated elderly man.  Yet after studying this card, I just do not see them attacking anyone.  Conversely what I do see is a chain formed by the first dog being the first to approach and sit at this man’s side to receive affection from the well dressed, owner of the house.  You can see the man petting the dog.  So it is the dogs that made a friendly path way into his home.  The other dog has also passed the archway and paying attention to this white haired man.  Continuing this chain you see the little child touching the second friendly dog, this child is evaluating what she is seeing inside the archway.  Then the fifth part of this living chain is the mother of the child.  She is seemingly touching the child but for the pentacle blocking both her hands we cannot see.  However it is safe to say the child is possibly clinging to the mother by her stance.  After studying this Monad we see how nicely this card depicts the cycle of giving and receiving. 

          The checker board shows up in this card as a decorative boarder around a piece of art, we can assume the boarder surrounds the relief art completely showing another chain as well as another key within this deck.

          Notice every pentacle is floating within this scene.  One pentacle covering this well dressed mother’s hands depicting she understands practicality and how the physical world operates.  The older bearded man has three pentacles, one on his covered legs, one on his back and one on his lap, depicting he too understands the physical world and has utilized his knowledge  well.  He keeps only three for himself, which is more than enough to live well.  He gives one to the mother and the six floating in the air is ready to be given to humanity. 

This card represents that wealth is coming in quickly, when focusing on the community brings success.  A positive change in your life is through giving blessings.

This card speaks when making a decision or waiting for someone else to make a decision.  By saying the phrase, “Do not miss the boat.”  This is indicated here by the boat relief on the stone wall.  This is a happy family understands the precept of when we give we receive.  Do not give to receive, just give because it is the right thing to do, because you have a generous heart. 

Disks or coins are not formed randomly these pentacles are deliberately set in place look closer to see how they are all lined up to form a tree. 

Sixth Stream Cycle Tarot Cards

This stream cycle is when we see how important humanity is and how we should celebrate our existence embracing balance, harmony and imbalance.  We begin to feel and sense our support system and realize how immense our support is.  Just consider how many fathers you have.  Consider how many mothers you have or how many sisters and brothers.  With knowledge of this support comes more responsibility to our humanity within and without. 

The key term for this cycle is practical integration, how do we integrate what we know and applying this into life and relationships. 


The Empress

The Empress says it is within her where new words are conceived, turning thoughts into the material world.  She organically forms her world through enveloping the mystery of spirit as she generates the physical world.  This card introduces the Divine becoming human and embodiment of all worlds.  In the Marsi deck she holds a symbol of the soul of life which is the eagle which is the sign of the Scorpio and sexuality.  She firmly holds a scepter that represents the energies of a woman which are receptive energies, never ending inexhaustible energies that generate a place and being where a soul and flesh combine, ushering this being into a physical place. 

The Waite, Rider, Smith Deck has 11 stars placed on the Empress’ crown whereas older cards show no stars or nine stars floating around her head.  Some say the nine stars represent the nine months of gestation, yes she is pregnant.  Eleven usually means it is the master number of physics.  Stars also are our distant home we are made of the stars the same basic materials are we.

Both Waite, Rider, Smith deck and the Mersi removed this symbol in their decks however I add it to my readings, and it is the cresant moon under the Empress’ foot.  You can see this moon in the Bohemian Deck.  The waters of gestation are referred to as the river of life.  Her foot on the moon says she is in control of the river of life. 

Another item Waite, Rider, Smith deck removed from this card was the Empresses’ wings. Representing at our core we are radiant flyers carrying sprit to this physical world through flesh or scales or fur or feather or fur. 



Justice wears the sign of the son on her crown which is replaced in the Waite, Rider, Smith deck with a square emerald.  The sign of the sun is a dot inside a circle.  She holds an upright sword in one hand and a balanced scale in the other hand.  This card says learn how to live in balance by studying nature unfolding with every season.  This jewel or sun sign says, nature seems to be balanced sometimes however humanity is already balanced sometimes according to nature’s justice and the universal soul.  She holds a pair of scales echoing the same fluid principle.  Saying it is good to be balanced at times and not balanced other times.  Balance is stillness with all it offers and imbalance causes one to move into a new thing or direction, this is equally beneficial as well.  See how Justice is not sitting on a throne but a simple bench.  Justice does not need to be given outwardly confirmations because she understands her balanced principles give her confirmation. 

Monad Correspondences

Sixth Monad: Ektoneira

Key Concepts: The loyalist, admire and application

Sixth Stream Cycle: Practical Integration

Pythagoras’ Six: Loyalist

Planet: Venus

Virtue: Practicality

Muse: Polyhymia

Animals: Fish

Chakra: Third Eye (indigo)

Numeral: Six


Seventh Monad and Stream Cycle


Ebdomoneira:  Though Ektoneira has much wisdom regarding relationships and balance, ultimately she could not move past comparing her unfair expectations with reality. Because Ektoneira could not overcome her-self-made expectations when reality would not agree with them Deity created another Monad we shall call Ebdomoneira.  Chancellor Don Lewis describes, “Since Ektoneira could only appreciate things in relation to her expectations of them, Ebdomoneira was created to appreciate the differences between things and to embrace the idea of individuality.

Ebdomoneira’s dominant characteristic is love of the unique. Far from being attached to predetermined expectations as Ektoneira is, Ebdomoneira loves the surprises and unexpected experiences which come from taking things as they are. Ebdomoneira is optimistic and trusts that the innate nature of things is always an inherently good. Because of this Ebdomoneira accepts things for what they are and embraces them in their natural state, without seeking to change or refine them.

Ebdomoneira cherishes the differences between things and by studying this she sees the similarities between them –in this, she achieves a high understanding of the inner nature of existence. In this she differs from Pemptoneira, whose understandings are of relationship and process rather than inner nature.

Loyalty and devotion are Ebdomoneira’s greatest strengths –however, they can also be her greatest weakness. Ebdomoneira’s nature lacks judgment and tends to accept things unconditionally. Consequently, Ebdomoneira can be quite oblivious to the good or bad effects of things, being entranced by their individual characteristics rather than their outcomes. It is this lack of discernment regarding the outcome of situations which led to the creation of the Eighth Monad.”

Seventh Monad Tarot Cards


King of Cups

This individual tends to take on too much work for other individuals, sacrificing his own time, energy and goals to support others’ goals.  A true peace maker always trying to resolve conflicts of the other Monad families.   This individual is emotionally mature, trusting, compassionate, loving others as they are.  Can easily handle complex interactions with others, understanding what is needed for most situations or goals.




King of Pentacles

This card reveals this individual is an enthusiastic extrovert, ready for new and exciting experiences.  If this multi-talented person stays focused he is successful and highly prolific at almost anything he tries.  At their best, they are loving social lights, yet unevolved they may be restless and compulsive.  This person is solidly trustworthy and wise in the ways of the world.  He is remarkably productive, a very hands on person when working with others.  A reliable person enjoys family, friends and work. Everything he does is thoughtful, trusting in what he knows.




King of Swords

This Monad family has keen insights regarding with abstract knowledge of the “all” versus the individual, thus celebrating individuality.  They understand to know something is to apply it to their lives.  The King of Swords represents a great intellectual powerful mind.

This is someone who can clearly see the big picture and the small picture at the same time.  An analytical mind, laser focused on a goal and will protect the weak. This person demands honesty. Unevolved this person can be ruthless and his words can cut to the bone.

Seventh Stream Cycle


Moving Back and Forth from Awaking Moments to Light Sleep 

Your 12 strands of DNA broadcasts highly developed frequencies outward into the Universe touching everything inside us; collectively as one frequency touching all high frequencies through our higher selves.  When fully awake we are not in a time or a place, we are not anywhere, we are everywhere, we are a state of consciousness raising our vibrations to every being currently deliberately connecting to love or bliss, (both are the same) 

Your eternal place already exists now. Here is the only place and now is the only time that exists.  You are now at the tipping point to break through to what has always been here within you, this beautiful dimension.  First you feel a strong knowing, and a strong desire to awaken to divine love or bliss though nothing changes around you.  Then allow yourself to just resonate with love to complete your healing, this is not complicated so try not to make it over complicated, just allow your being to transmute into complete awareness that all this has always been with you. Living within high vibrations clears out old doubts while cracking open and aligning with which has always been open.  Love yourself, trust yourself because Goddess created the most beautiful, masterful and magnificent beings in all of creation to do what they love.  There will be peace.  Trust in your higher self.  Live in wonder and love.  As the veil between dimensions becomes thinner you will see magic all around you as each day disappears.  You will know you will never die so celebrate life like you have never done before.  Be still to hear your Source and Beloved Ancestors.  Remember fear keeps us asleep and there is no wrong way to wake up. 

Seventh Stream Cycle Cards


The High Priestess

Represents a person that knows what they need on a gut level.  She is fiercely independent and awake to her own powers; she knows she holds a vast amount of personal power, and comfortable in her skin.  The pomegranates on the curtain behind her, represents the fullness of wise ideas.  The calm lake behind the High Priestess says she is at complete peace.  The pillars of Dark and Light represents that she sees both mysteries through inward and outward wisdoms.  Unevolved this person may be passive aggressive or not trusting in their own wisdom.


The Emperor

He is the architect of living life with open eyes and great authority.  Actively constructing his reality, utilizing mind over matter, we are establishing future foundations for future generations to wake up from this dream reality system.  Do not shy away from your innate future vision and possibilities of now, from which to build every foundation. 

Every person has their part to play in this dimension work where they are right now. 

Monad Correspondences

Seventh Monad: Ebdomoneira

Key Concepts: Apply and Enthusiast  

Seventh Stream Cycle: Awake

Pythagoras’ Seven: Enthusiast

Planet: Uranus

Virtue: Modesty

Muse: Terpsichore

Animals: All four legged animals

Stone: Slate

Chakra: Crown (violet)

Numeral: Seven


Eighth Monad and Stream Cycle


The eighth Monad is called Ogdoneira.  Ogdoneira’s purpose was to develop systems that deal with the individual’s role and the group role, on civilization and experience or the single unit, the single object versus a group of things or a group of more complex concepts or systems.  This Soul family creates order out of this world’s seemingly disorder.  The key phrase here is the process of becoming established or placing in order.  This group takes things, companies, ideas, systems already in existence and orders them in a sensible manner so that the information, individual or group may further be developed, adding more meaning and practicality.  Deity created the eighth family Soul as Chancellor Lewis sites: “Deity created the seventh Monad to appreciate and intensify the individuality of existence, greatly increasing the experiential value of being.  However individuality not tempered by judgment can sometimes become chaotic and destructive.  To counteract this, Deity created Her eighth Avatar, Ogdoneira. The eighth Soul family is all about order, process, and focus.  This family is pragmatic and goal oriented.  Seeks to create structures to carry out her will. 

Where the seventh Monad revels in the individuality of existence, the eighth family Soul seeks to impose order on her environment.  Earlier Monads sought to study or even to expand order, and some were frustrated when order was absent, but the eighth Monad was the first of the Monads to seek to impose order. The eighth Monad can be as analytical as the second Monad, and as loyal as the seventh Monad, and like the sixth, the eighth Monad tends to impose her expectations; in this case her expectations of effects of order-on situations where they may not really fit. The eighth Monad loves communication and interaction.  Relationships are important to Ogdoneira but she can get caught up in control issues.  Ogdoneira seeks order and structure to improve existence, but can be controlling and manipulative in pursuit of these goals.  She likes power and the trappings of power, and tends to impose herself wherever she can. Ogdoneira is a trail blazer who loves new situations and information –she loves to go where no one has gone before.  She also enjoys conflict and arguments for their own sake, viewing competition as the most productive way to find answers to situations.  Because of this Ogdoneiran Souls sometimes seem heavy-handed and controlling.  That conflict may cause damage, is lost on the eighth Soul family, which is why the ninth Monad was created.” 

Now let us move to the Tarot group that represents this Monad. As each card is discussed regarding Monads as you can see we are also kleening much information about each card which can be utilized when you do your readings with your quarents.  Yet I am not presenting every single thing on the card because my only focus for this teaching is Monad identification. 

 Let us move to the card that describes Ogdoneirans perfectly or should I say Ogdonneirans describe this card perfectly and it is the Queen of Swords.

Eighth Monad Tarot Cards


Queen of Swords

If there was ever a Tarot card that describes the eighth Monad it surely is the Queen of Swords.  She is sitting out of perspective, meaning her thrown does not sit correctly with the rest of the scenery.  Look at the stream on the left of the card, is she on a mountain or not?  There are a few cards in the Tarot deck that are purposefully drawn out of perspective and there are cards that draw the scene as if being played on a stage.  Everything about this card says air, look at the thick stand of clouds, her butterfly crown, the single bird flying directly over her head, the winged being on her thrown, the butterflies and birds carved in her thrown, and she is wearing a cloak with clouds as a design and she wears one tassel, on each arm.  This card is usually described in negative terms, sadness, or being powerless or widowhood.  This card is an individual which is too forceful or heavy handed.  This person is trying to control your life or you may be this person.  Or if evolved this strong person respects other’s free will and knows when to back off.  Not evolved, is callous, bitter, spiteful, and an obsessive bully.  An individual that desires to help yet, if this person feels disrespected or not heard, this individual will be severe and cold hearted.  This person’s strength is communication, though she thinks her truth is the only truth or best truth which causes others to move away from her and not listen to her communication.  This individual thinks everything done is done in the name of Justice.  Another character aspect is that she cuts right to the core, thus causing the opposite effect for which she is striving.  This woman or man knows pain and this may be the reason why she or he is so harsh if not evolved.  This card says something is ending.


Queen of Wands

This card celebrates cat energies of the hunter.  The suit of an honorable life.  A magnetic personality is expressed in these energies.  Cats are above, beside and in front of this Queen of Wands.  Cat energy is gentle confidence.  As the Queen of Wands holds both a sunflower and a staff.  The Wand is saying this person is a hard and diligent worker and the sunflower is saying it is time to find and experience your inner sun and your inner child, thus the Queen of Wands leads you to the Sun card.  Since we are identifying a few keys, a key is a symbol that is found in several cards identifying another sub-group inside the larger story of the Tarot.  Here  within this card the Queen also has a key, it is the checkerboard pattern this key depicts just that, patterns woven equally with light and dark, we follow these ancient patterns, along with others, have created.  Cards that hold this checker board pattern key in the Waite, Rider, Smith deck are the Queen of Wands, the Hierophant, and the ten of Pentacles. This individual is on the front lines all the time.  If unevolved must have the last word all the time.  Has an issue with over self-importance and attention seeking.  When evolved this person is a grand worker she is warm and kind.  She adds fire to a situation which can be good or not good.  This card represents a person that does not like others telling her what to do, if not evolved.  If evolved very loving.  She understands the importance of surrounding herself with helpful, talented, happy individuals.  The Queen of Wands is all about work.


Queen of Pentacles

When reading the Queen of Pentacles for the Soul journey, this card depicts the greatness of the Soul.  Not just this Soul but the unified collective Soul.  She is in contemplation as her bright mind contemplates the physical world around her. 

The Queen of Pentacles sits on a substantial stone or wood thrown its carvings depicts pears, a female energy symbol, as well as depicting she has produced much fruit in her life.  There is a small human figure on the throne’s side and a human head on the back of the thrown. 

Within this card is found prominate threads or keys that run through the Tarot deck, two keys on the Queen of Pentacles card are the red feather of a full life.  She wears two feathers on her crown.  The second key are red roses that canopy above her head, just like the Magician card.  Other rose key cards are the Strength card, the Empress card, the two of Wands, the Ace of Pentacles, the nine of Swords, the three of Pentacles, the Hierophant, the Death card and five of Wands, which just happens to total eleven cards which is the master number of the psychic, which sees the big universe in the smallest actions and things.  

It appears a ram’s head is on her arm rest and a rabbit is making itself obvious on her left, representing motion brings fertility or new life.  She dresses informally as she sits alone in the forest with a stream of water living below.  She is fiercely independent, and understands the practicality and rewards of unity.  If unevolved, this individual is self-entitled, while she thinks the world is against her.  When a person expresses an opinion not her own she thinks it is a personal attack and attacks back.  This personality has learned how to fight and along the way has not learned how to stop fighting.  Evolved she is the Earth Mother and shines like none other.  Everything is in good order because of her efforts.  This card depicts another hard worker but then again we are talking about the suite of Wands.  Be careful with your health, due to working too much. 


Queen of Cups

Dressed in white this Queen ponders the ornate vessel she holds in her hands; sitting on the edge of a churning lake or ocean.  A cliff is seen in the background.  Is this the cliff that the Fool is too close and may fall off only to eventual arrive at the World card?  The main vibrational influence here is the mermaid.  See two carved on the top of her thrown and one holding a fish on the side of her thrown.  By the way fish is also a key inside the Waite, Rider, Smith deck.  The Queen of Cups is crossing her feet which id a prelude to the World card.  She knows her dreams are more active when she is active in the waking world making this world a more virtuous place.  She is intelligent and has the wisdom to use it quietly with correct timing.  Highly intuitive skills lead her to communicate with a clear voice.  She is a generous visionary, presenting knowledge that help reveal your answers, not hers.  Always acts from boundless love.  Her shadow side is that her feelings over whelm her and takes everything too personal.  This individual understands what others need and gently presents options, leaving the decisions in the receiver’s hands.   If not evolved the opposite is true there is forcing and heavy handedness.  This card is like the eighth Monad giving birth to new order, new forms or new ways of being, with integrity, birthing the pathway to the next step of evolution. 




Eighth Stream Cycle


When one begins to awake it may be in small flashes and these single moments seem to become longer and longer in time, as time becomes shorter and shorter, yet all the while we only have this single moment.  In wakefulness let us take advantage on working on the great work of human kind.  Pouring healing over the wounded, tearing down walls that encase limiting belief systems.  Pouring hope over the hopeless.  Planting seeds over the land that will grow for a thousand generations.

This is the time to begin asking, “Are you walking in joy or sadness, in fear or in love?  What are your authentic experiences?  What is the authentic you?  Are you living your life? 

In full awareness, ask, “What is authentic about you?”







Stream Cycle Tarot Card


Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune card is a complex card it encapsulates every major arcana card. It represents every spiritual path.

The Wheel of Fortune describes through symbol the whole of creation, the wheel of fortune is a model of existence in its entirety and a person.

As you know, every symbol on every card conveys a message this is, more true for the Wheel of Fortune than any other card. 

The following meanings are found in this mandala card.

1.      Comprehension of Karma and the laws of the Universe.

2.      Circumstances are changing.

3.      Perfect timing.

4.      A shift of consciousness

5.      You are in perfect union with the world’s cycles and learning from them.

6.      Energy is always changing.

7.      When celebrating the stages of life we activate higher vibrations for our good and the world’s good.

8.      You are dawning a new energy.

9.      The change is here.

10.    Suddenly one wakes up.

11.    Remain centered.

12.    Opportunities abound.

13.    Clouds say, water floating in air expresses the work we do in the astral through our minds.

14.    The numeral 10 means many things however for this card it is the beginning and the end.

The Animals Convey

1.      Sphinx with a sword is aware of the “all,” she is Isis Hathor watching our wisdom and growth proclaiming the riddles of existence.  This Sphinx is actively keeping this world in balance while pouring wise influences upon the earth’s inhabitants.  The sword represents ideas and creative thoughts.

2.      The red creature on the right side of the card: A combination of Anubis and Hermes he guides souls and opens consciousness.  Anubis is the Egyptian God of the underworld and Tombs.

This card belongs within this stream cycle because the energy guides one into full awakening. Hermes - Anubis also encourages evolution.

3.      The snake: Represents an awareness burst or flash, unconsciousness moving into full consciousness.  This golden snake comes down from the astral and enters into the plane of manifestation, the very essence of creation, which is vibration. – This snake also represents our earth; some say this snake is Typhon, a snack birthed from a Goddess of earth from Greek mythology.

4.      If representing the Human angel, it represents the Age of Aquarius.

5.      The Eagle represents evolved Scorpio energies

6.      Bull/Cow/Ox/Calf represents evolved Taurus energies.

7.      The Lion represents an evolved being. Leo represents vibrations and how we manifest; all fixed signs of the astrology chart and the four pillars of the year. These four animals are also seen in the World card. 

Now let us look at the Spinning Wheel:

1.      The Circle Inside the circle represents we are everywhere, we are nowhere, we have no beginning and we have no end.  We are in the very center of the Universe.

2a.    The circle’s second row of symbols shows the word Taro.

2b.    On the diagonals there are symbols between the letters spelling Taro which are Hebrew symbols for Deity. Taro represents Hathor the Egyptian Goddess, which brings forth life and death a shift.

2c.    When looking again at the first row of letters they also represent the following words:

Rota = wheel

Taro = Tarot = Endless cycles

Reversed = Tara found in the High Priestess card = wisdom

Orat = To speak

Tora = Laws of the Universe

Ator =  Hathor the Egyptian Goddess of nature.

3.      The Wheel of Fortune circle is composed of three circles inside each other, reflecting the law of three and Karma.

4.      Inside the second circle holds 8 straight lines, with which four hold the alchemical symbols for the elements of mercury, air, Sulphur water and salt. The remaining straight lines hold nothing. The two wavy lines (Aquarius symbol) at the bottom of the wheel above, the “R” represents dissolution and merging into what is.

5.      The hub is motionless, a center place where we can enjoy our life.  We are neither up nor down but in the center where stillness is found. No one says life will always be easy however we can always hold that inner centering through the storm.

6.      There is a small circle formed in the very center, divided into 8 segments, representing the 8 Sabbats of the year.

7.      Books in the scene represents that it is you who writes your own story through your own perceptions.  Notice two animals are laying down with the book, the ox and lion, then the eagle is standing with spread wings as the human is sitting comfortably. The human and eagle are obviously not reading the book whereby the ox and lion appears to be reading their books. 

8.      Wings: The wings are revealing every earth bound being has been given wings to fly to unimaginable heights. 

9.      The symbol on the lower right side corner is Smith’s initials.  This is the woman that drew the cards in the Waite, Rider deck.


1.      Ten reduced to its lowest form is 1, because 1+0=1 So when interpreting this digit the numeral 1,  the numeral 0 and the numeral ten may be interpreted.

The Sky: 

1.      This sky is obviously cloudy yet it feels hopeful, filled with all possibilities. 

In summary:

So in general terms this card says, “You are new every morning, you are given yet another opportunity to walk in your mastery.”  There are no accidents your life is in your new hands.  So when we are experiencing the top of the wheel or the bottom of the wheel we move forward knowing our reality is always in flux going up and down around and around. 

-        Where ever you are on your spiritual path, you are in your perfect place, perfect time just the way you are.  This realization helps us dive into our experiences and learn with great expectations and joy.

There is so much to interpret in the card, well like all of them. 


Ninth Monad and Stream Cycle


Well here we are on the last Monad, the Enatoneiran Soul family.  Once again I will quote, in part, Chancellor Don Lewis’ teaching on this Soul family and I will add my comments at the end of his text.  “Enatoneira – The unrestrained individuality of Ebdomoneira brought great variety to experience, while the controlling attitude of Ogdoneira helped to give order to those experiences, but both tended to create a lot of problems in their wake.  To deal with this, Deity created yet another Avatar, Enatoneira.

          A builder and an organizer Enatoneira seeks to impose order like Ogdoneira, but uses more refined and diplomatic techniques to do so.  Enatoneira seeks to use the best aspects of all the others to create an effective working order.

          Enatoneira is innovative and likes new forms, and is elastic enough to adapt these forms as necessary.  Consequently, Enatoneira is able to draw together the best attributes of the other Monads and balance these in a positive manner.

          Unlike Ogdoneira whose love is for experience and power, Enatoneira loves others for themselves and appreciates their differences – unlike Ebdomoneira however Enatoneira does have judgment and discernment as to the effects of individual differences.

          Enatoneira is a peacemaker and a resolver of oppositions.  Where Ogdoneira loves to impose order Enatoneira loves to create harmony.  Where she cannot create harmony, Enatoneira tries to rise above the disharmony.  It is this trait which causes Enatoneira to be the last Monad, for she has the ability to rise above the patterns with which she works.

          The Enatoneiran Soul seeks to transcend limiting situations.

          These then are the Nine Monads and their basic qualities.  Of course there is a great complexity in each Monad, and the continuum of Souls which arise from each Monad expresses the whole range of that complexity.”

My comments are though this Monad sounds like the only evolved that is not the case.  Every individual within a family Soul has the capacity to be just as evolved as the ninth Monad conversely some individuals within the ninth Monad chose not to grow at the speed they are capable and are perfectly content in their decision and condition.  Within every Monad there are killers, to Saints and everything in-between.  It takes many life times to evolve to the deepest possible level yet even the ninth Monad family, once evolved still has much to experience.  Every Monad has the capacity for excellence.  Every Monad has the capacity for generosity.  Every Monad has the capacity to deliver kindness unconditionally. 

Every individual has a choice every day to live as if it is important to move through experiences so that everyone and everything that lives benefits by their life.  To move past the concept that we are here to learn, though true, the next possible step is taking what we have learned and generously applying learned lessons through the full awareness we are here within this reality system to experience the vast array of life through our Soul family’s lens; continuing to develop our family Soul and our family missions.  Every Monad is essential, so much to learn about our own Monad as well as the rest of the Soul families.  Within every experience there is a lesson and most lessons do not need to be harsh to be learned.  Every experience has the capacity to alter life and so do you.  We are here to learn how our light emanates outward only to touch everything that lives, that has also decided to be here and shine through their influential light upon us.  No us vs them.  Every living thing is here to experience life in its full light and everything is one light and everything is living. 

Transformative light is not reserved for a select few it is poured upon everyone’s life, received inwardly, given outwardly through authentic experiences. .

Ninth Monad Tarot Card


The World-21 (The Universe)

Looking at the World card we can see the same four fixed Zodiac signs floating on four clouds in each corner of the Wheel of Fortune card, which is a pairing.  Since the World card is paired with the Wheel of fortune card try to consider the energies found in both cards.  However our focus is on the World card.

This final card expresses in a deeper sense, everything changes, nothing waits to grow or dissolve, everything returns to its source, both brighter and more aware of its experiences.  How do we define perfection in terms that causes transformation?  The perfection of a green leaf in full bloom and the perfection as it wither, transforms and returns to the earth.  Is perfection found in the green leaf or in the experience the leaf moves through its life cycle?  Decay vs the lush green leaf are both perfection not just by how it looks but what it is experiencing.  The leaf as it moves through its cycle teaches us as well.  Notice the leaves that surround her and crown her head.  This wreath plainly exhibits our beginning and end, which is none, we have no beginning or have an end we are eternal.  This is expressed by one infinity sign above her head and one infinity sign below her feet fashioned by the same royal red fabric memo found on the King of Cups and the Sun Card.

This card expresses a place at the edge of the Cosmos it holds the secret which is within every one of us because we are within her.  Of course there is always the micro and macrocosmic side to every spiritual precept.  She understands herself and experiences everything through the lens of Deity.

The World card pronounces the brilliant state of the Soul and the stream cycles of consciousness.  Pronouncing our journey is not over we have farther to go.

Her semi-clothed body encourages that by removing all temporal things, all things that hinder divine vision and self-knowing reveals all eternal things.  When something is revealed it is experienced.  Though the physical world is important to experience there are many more avenues than the physical from which to learn that cannot be seen by the naked eye. 

We will again see manifestation’s natural perfection. This card is us when we believe we can soar above lesser base vibrations and belief everyone and everything can as well. This card depicts the day when all of humanity declared the world and all she holds is good, when everyone saw the cosmos in everyone and everything, when all nations sang together with joy in their hearts, again and again.  The World card reveals our distant past, however it can be our future again if we nurture and love everything in our present. 

Here in this card are two white wands depicting she has overcome her shadows for this journey.  She has changed what was meant to be blockages and shadows and transmuted everyone into something good.  Nothing ties her down any longer and she is ready to evolve, transcend or believe for the first time in her life what she always possessed.  Ready to learn and experience yet another story, another life, another approach, a continuation of the great work, She returns to the zero, the center. 

Ninth Stream Cycle Card


The Fool-0

The best way to describe the ninth stream cycle is describing the fool.  This card has been called the Alchemist card, the Seeker, The Joker, Jester among many others.  The Joker card in a regular playing deck can be anything and go anywhere, so freeing.  Some interpret this card as the Fool was just born, and knows nothing or very little yet ready to take the journey of the Soul.  Depending on what cards are around this card this may be true.  Another way to approach this card is reading the Tarot as it is a story, Tarot loosely translated means book of life.  Therefore when moving through the main story it quickly reveals he indeed is coming into a new life, yet it also reveals he remembers life and because he remembers he knows there is only transformation no death.  Life is pure potential.

This is why the Fool represents the highest form of consciousness within the stream cycle.  He is completely awake and spiritually prepared to take the next cosmic leap of consciousness. Let go of expectation, this will reveal what has been given to you. 

This will show the sack of secrets, the big whys, why we see and why we can’t see. 

This card says so much, it seems to be full of potential as well as saying, “Well done for moving through your journey once again.”  He is fearless because he knows from where he has come and who he is, he is filled with excitement and confidence.  He is dressed beautifully in green leaves and pomegranate fabric finery, charming green crown created by leaves with a lush long red feather attached.  This same red feather is found in the Knight of Swords, Knight of Wands, the Death card, Page of Pentacles and the very content Nine of Cups.  This young man is resting a Wand over his shoulder as he considers his upward journeys.  He has already learned the lessons deep in the valley, only soaring and exploration of higher vibrations are now considered.  A leaping white dog is just as cheerful as he is.  He stands on an apex of a mountain among many other mountains.  Can you envision yourself right now standing on this mountain and seeing your future through this breathtaking beautiful snowcapped perspective? 

The Fool holds a white rose aloft as if in appreciation to its beauty.  The rose signifies silence, rebirth, creativity and purity.  White represents the light, of consciousness as white is highly emphasized, showing the rose, the dog and a vast snow covered mountain range are white. The sun richly shines on him, the rose, the white dog, and the mountains do the same.  The sun shines on everything, not just the human. 

Now let us consider the numeral zero.  Later in Tarot history, numerals were added to the each card.  The youngest concept and newest numeral on all these cards is the numeral zero. 

Some say it was the Babylonians who first conceived of a mark to signify that a number was absent from a column, it was not a zero just a mark. 

Even though it was the Sumerians that created a counting system, zero was invented, developed and passed down independently by many cultures the Babylonians, Mayans and India, and Italy are just a few.  It took centuries for several cultures to discover zero, then several more to begin developing it until now.  The number zero is still not completely understood what it can bring to humanity.  Yet zero has had an excellent beginning.  It is because of zero, the world has calculus, expresses math computations quicker, financial accounting, developing the very language used for operating our computer based societies today.  Zero has caused an information and communication explosion across the globe.  Great minds still ponder what else it can create.  Take zero point energy, much debate and misunderstandings of this numeral.  Seemingly nothing is in the zero because after all that is what it represents just like the fool, yet it is changing our world and will continue to do so. 

Zero is the center of binary numbers.  Positive numbers have brought male energies for the world to utilize.  Negative numbers are female energies and have not been fully explored, however science suspects endless self-sustainable energies will be explored more through these negative numerals.  Then we have the zero the numeral dividing two powerful energies, dead in the center of both, in perfect balance.  This number has much to be explored as well some say zero point energy is an untapped inexhaustible energy just waiting to be utilized; an energy source that needs no receivers that utilizes the entire planet earth.  Returning to the Fool card, and placing all that endless energy of the zero; just waiting to be unleashed onto the world again.  The Fool and World Card present all the possibilities that have still not been remembered again.  Now look again at the World card and the Fool card together do you see the vibration is the same.  Do you see zero?  

Now take this information regarding the nine Soul Families and explore every experience through each lens until you see which Monad is yours to further develop.

Tarot Story

The Stream Cycle in not linier nor is it circular, it is more like an underwater landscape. Each touching each other yet are separate life forms. 


2-Deep Sleeping

3-Light Sleeping or Sleep Walking

4-Moments before Waking


6-Practical Integration / Humility vs Ability


Making a difference.  If our study is about remembering then becoming fully present which is an important reason to  study the Tarot.

Now just for an easier visual, let us take this stream one step farther, see each living system inside a moving river stream never static always moving and changing.  A good example is the

Correllian Mother Temple and Hall of Ancestors living in the astral field.  From time to time both change form.  So each river stream is never found in the same place or seen the same when returning to it.  We are all not in one particular stream because we drift from one stream to another.  Challenges and pain will still approach us however we now chose to not give either energy or a story line.  Awakening is hard work and no work.  The faint hearted usually become resentful thinking the process was outside them.  Your focus is where you are.  Nothingness consciousness more sensitive glittering and invisible, closes eyes red, grids, white.  Like a range for singing.  Bless your bed, bless your bed room, bless where you sit. Synchronicity confirms you are doing the right thing.  Downloading information, bless your shower, sinks, plants have a message, different face. 

Be mindful when you think, “I’ll be happy when, ...” Respond by saying, “My happiness is found not in when, where or who but in myself.”


Nothing beautiful comes to you until you are ready to apply it.


All truth need not be practiced nor validated to remain true. 

Drama and matter are over complex and must be fed to continue.

It takes no effort to remain in Stillness. 

Just breath and experience it. 

It takes constant effort to stay attached to attachments. 

For some, stillness is an impossibility because it takes no effort to be still.

Come to the vast golden field of stillness.


In stillness we are in the space for remembering our sacred promise.  

This is reflected in the lily and rose.

Could peace be found here?

See for yourself. 

Peace is found when one remembers the promise. 

Ninth Monad

Ninth Monad: Enatoneira

Key Concepts: Resolve and the peace maker

Planet: Neptune

Virtue: Piety

Muse: Urania

Animals: All Black Birds

Stones:  Chalk

Chakra: Feet (Brown)

Numeral: Nine


All Monads Covered in Summary

1-Protoniera: Conceive 1st Cycle

2-Deuteroneira: Nurturing 2nd Cycle

3-Tritoneira: Pursuing 3rd Cycle

4-Tetroneira: Developing 4th Cycle

5-Pemptoneira: Studying5th Cycle

6-Ektoneira: Admiring 6th Cycle

7-Ebdomoneira: Actively Applying. 7th Cycle

8-Ogdoneira: Establishing 7th Cycle

9-Enatoneira: Resolving 7th Cycle

Tarot Monad and Stream Cycle Cards

Nine Monad Card Correspondences

FIRST MONAD: Protoniera:








All Sword pips, Ace through numeral ten.


SECOND MONAD: Deuteroneira: 


The Tower-16


The Moon 18




All Knights


THIRD MONAD: Tritoneira:


The Lovers

The Hanged Man

The Sun


The Devil



All Page cards.


FOURTH MONAD: Tetroneira:  


All Wands, Ace through ten.




The Magician-1


FIFTH MONAD: Pemptoneira: 


All Cups from Ace to numeral ten.



The Star-17




SIXTH MONAD: Ektoneira: 


All Pentacle cards from Ace to Ten



The Empress



SEVENTH MONAD: Ebdomoneira


King of Cups

King of Wands

King of Pentacles

King of Swords



The High Priestess

The Emperor


EIGHTH MONAD: Ogdoneira: 


All Queens



Wheel of Fortune


NINTH MONAD: Enatoneira:


The World-21




The Discovery Tarot Path Blessing


0 - The Fool

The Tarot is Spirit or Ancestors speaking through symbols. This Fool is you ready to step off into a new adventure. May you lead your life expecting the brightest and best things with good supportive fellowship along the way.  May your seeking reach heights, of the snowcapped white mountains.  May every step you take be filled with generosity and possibility.

1 - The Magician

Here lies before you all your tools upon your altar while roses and lilies’ protection surrounds you. You already know you are forever.  You already know you have no beginning or end. The snake girds your waist as a reminder we return again and again just like our words return to us. We begin with what we need to travel our short journey, embracing the same wand we held when we last ascended.

2 - The High Priestess

Behold the High Priestess’ your words slice through all deceit and uphold the crown of truth.  Your hand pierces through the veil and holds the cup of life.  You produce living springs from inside your inner cosmic ocean.  As you sit in front of the deep rushing waters you see the Tarot is your guidance through the lens of the veil.

3 - The Empress

You shall create humans or create a loving home for earth’s creatures.  The water falls in quiet ponds around you. You now wear a crown of illuminating stars in remembrance of your and our origin.

4 - The Emperor

Behold the Emperor, may you walk through fields of gold and amber high mountains.  May you live a long life filled with fruit sweet as your kindeness. Though there are times the stream of life seems choked off nevertheless it supports your every effort.  Even when isolation pushes you aside know nothing can separate you from your mission and no longer is there anything to prove.

5 - The Hierophant

We sing praises to the Hierophant. The roses and lilies are your treasures giving infinite live, power and peace from the long past and reminding you it is you who is the promise.  May brightest blessings forever follow you home.  It is you who holds the keys to your will and life. 

6 - The Lovers

This world has tried its best to discredit the concept of love reducing its effect.

Once we remember love is the very mechanism that causes the galaxies, holy precepts and babies to be birthed.  We remember how love unleashes our vibrant light upon everything.

7 - The Chariot

The star wand is never far from you.  Your crown of stars star canopy and veil shall forever cover you. Service is your gift.

8 - Strength

Power is not harming another or starting wars.  Power is calming the lion and wearing roses of the field. 

9 - The Hermit

Keeping the eye on the prize he quietly moves forward high in the mountains he stands at the apex of his power and there is no weapons involved except the star he holds up toward the other waiting stars above.

10 - Wheel of Fortune

May the Tarot be your moral compass, your turning wheel and mighty wings. 

11 - Justice

You know what is right for your life.  Justice is not about balance it is living in harmony. 

12 - The Hanged Man

No matter what life delivers you; your peace shall always shine like the morning summer sun.  Though I must go you will spiritually continue this work together as a nation purposefully created to deliver love to the masses. 

13 - Death

Now the morning sun rises in the East reminding you of the brilliant sun residing within you.  Everyone lives the physical life until it is time to live a different life.  Everyone deserves to live in peace, not in hostility including self-hostility. 

14 - Temperance

You have been tested and have walked through the flames of injustice only to come out of the fire as fine tempered steel.  May clear waters guide you to the highest mountain peaks, your imagination.

15 - The Devil

Today you are ready and willing to take part in healing all hearts beginning with yours.  Today you are ready to lie down all that has bound your live.  No matter where you are in your life decide to not be involved in a controlling individual regaining your free will back. 

16 - The Tower

We have grown too big and bright to remain in strife.  May the thunderous lightning bolt remove any outgrown precept that has limited your sacred advancement. 

17 - The Star

Behold the star. The star is what we are made. The star is both our destination and our origin my stellar beauties.  We see the same mountain in the distance calling us home, yet first we care for the water and give drink to the flowers.

18 - The Moon

Now you see everything, you see the illusion, you see here is a dream, it is time to take the path you have formed over a million lives, ready to fly to beyond the stars. 

19 - The Sun

You are the creator of a gift, you are the giver, you are the gift.  This earth’s sun is a mere spec of what is found within you. 

It is your hand that tills the earth’s ground as you shine within your inner sun.

Your preconceptions are like walls to be pierced through to find everything you have never before considered.

20 - Judgement

Sometimes we forget what we believe.

Today you are ready and willing to heal all hearts beginning with yours. 

We overcame death long ago.  Because we know we are eternal we celebrate each crossing until we barely notice we are crossing from one life to the next today.  Be begin to barely notice our own death because the bridge is so short, both exciting places to be with the Goddess and the God 

21 - The World

The Universe is bigger than what we can see or understand.

We are returning to zero once again. We have given our lives to arrive here within this time to produce Deity’s love across the globe so suffering finally ends.  We are the engine of awareness.  Both hands are filled with two wands sending energy back to the dreamer, the seeker, the fool. 

0. Fool

Together we bless the Tarot, one of the doors into your higher self, expanding your horizons through revealing self-awareness.  The Tarot is a single mechanism through prearranged randomness reveals to us, we are blessed beyond measure.  We are the Fool, the Dreamer the Seeker returning to our high mountain. 

Now it is your turn, write a single sentence blessing for each of the 22 cards in the major arcana. 

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