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Stephanie Leon Neal's Bio


  - Wrote THE UNTRAINING of a SEA PRIESTESS 2017 which has spread the fish net further outward so that more may have the opportunity to learn about becoming a Sea Priestess.  Founder of Sea Priestess Training through the Correllian Tradition and her book.     


This book was written because there is precious little taught about becoming a Sea Priestess or shadow work.  The first step to becoming a Sea Priestess is working with our shadows.


Stephanie was fortunate to be taught by two Root women Lee and Hoby in Oahu, Hawaii from the age of twelve (1962) to the age of eighteen.  In 1965 they initiated her into their Sea Priestess Tradition, a few years later deemed Stephanie Mother Sea Priestess of the Astral Temple.  Between 1967 and 1968, she was commissioned to continue studying, practicing meditation and to create her own Sea Priestess Path.  Yet one caveat,... she must wait until she was 60 to deliver her Path.  Sharing what she was taught in Hawaii, and all the great teachers from which she learned about reality.  Also while she waited to become sixty she traveled around the world living and visiting as many shorelines she could, collecting and learning about spiritual water wisdom. 

She began forming the Sea Priestess Path magically in 1968 then officially opened the path through the World Walkers’ Order in 2007.

Stephanie earned a degree in Education at Rowan University, New Jersey and later in life, another degree in Architectural Design in New York City, New York

As Stephanie moved through her life she earned,  appointed or created the following:

- Reiki Master

- Taught Spiritual healing for over four decades, through radio shows, prisons, detention centers, Churches, Temples, and conferences. 

-Trained artist. Presently drawing a Tarot deck.

- Earned Magi level within the Fellowship of Isis

- Initiated into the lovely Correllian Tradition as a member in 2003, becoming a First degree clergy in 2004, eventually becoming part of the High Priesthood.  All this intensive formal training was from M. Rev. Krystel High Correll and Chancellor Donald Lewis Highcorrell’s insightful Seminary teachings.  Later appointed by Chancellor Don Lewis and Arch Priestess Krystel High Correll, as First Elder.

- Was taught the Seneca Medicine Wheel by Tory Stevens

- Founder of Correllian Shamanism based on the Seneca Medicine Wheel, Cherokee Myths and Correllian teachings. 

- Creating the Water Way since 1968 and delivered the Water Way to the public through the World Walkers' Order. 


- Further developed Krystel's World Walkers' Order upon the Order's strong foundation and wrote a book about the World Walkers' Order.  Appointed head of the World Walkers’ Order by First Priestess (Retired) Krystel High Correll after studying under Krystel as a World Walker since 2005.  

- Invested First Priestess of the Correllian Tradition

- Head of Sacred Sea Temple

Sacred Sea Temple is solely devoted to Paganism and Correllianism.  The beautiful white building sits on five acres of lush land.  We are blessed to have had many events and Sabbat rituals throughout the years in this Temple and on the land, producing many Priestesses and Priests through the years.

- Discovery Tarot Path

Founder and author of the Discovery Tarot Path, 2020.  Studied and read the Tarot since 1970 / was first taught the Tarot by her mother-in-law Margret. Have taught the Tarot for thirty five years.

- Several of Stephanie's courses have been translated for the Spanish speaking world, by Elder Harwe Tuileva Primavera AP and Rev. Nuhmen Delos. 

- host the Correllian Deep Waters Show and now hosts a show called Elders' Radio. 

-Blogtalkradio, Pagans Tonight Archives:  The World Walkers' Teachings more teachings by Stephanie Neal

- Panel speaker at the Parliament of the World Religions in Utah, USA and Toronto, Canada.



- One husband Mike Neal since March 13, 1971

- One son Michael

- One daughter-in-law Amy

- One grandson Chase

- Two dogs Tucker and Beau

- One fish Gunther

- One family, the Correllian Tradition

- And great friends


From Stephanie Leon Neal's Team

We hope your life is transformed as you help the world around you transform.

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